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Off Broadway – To Be Continued

We met up recently with Luis Matos, who along with his partner Tomoko run Off Broadway, one of the longest-running international bars in Fukuoka. Opened near Suzaki Park in 1993, the bar moved the next year to Tenjin 3-chome not far from its current location smack in the middle of Oyafuko-dori in 2003. And now it’s time to move again. The last call on June 30 will close a chapter but not the book. Despite the immense challenges from the impact of COVID-19 on bars, Luis is focused on the positives and feels this is an opportunity for change. “Oyafuko-dori has changed too, and there are other parts of town with good nightlife. We’re considering various options, said Luis. When and where is not yet known but in the meantime he’s launched a crowdsourcing project to support the move. “It’s been interesting to watch. Many of our regulars have been the first to make pledges. Some say they consider it their place too.” Check out the Off Broadway Renewal Open Campaign here.

Published: Jun 9, 2020 / Last Updated: Jun 9, 2020

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