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North Tenjin
4-3-20 Tenjin, Chuo Ward

North Tenjin opened just last summer and although it’s not the biggest, if you are looking for affordable goods and second-hand clothes it’s well worth a visit. With connections to Mina and Daiei malls you can comfortably shop in three different locations in the same day. Plus, there’s almost an entire floor for each shop, so it’s rarely crowded, making for a relaxing visit.

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Shops: 25 shops, 4 restaurants
Size: 8 floors
Target age(s): All
Ginren Card: Not available
Duty Free: Not available

Anchor shops:
☆ Macdonalds (1F)
☆ Book-Off (6F~7F)
☆ Seria (4F)

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Special Shops:

☆Kaldi coffee (B1F)
Not only does Kaldi have a great specialist coffee selection, it stocks a wide range of imported food items from around the world – French cheeses, wines, spices, indian curries and much more.

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☆ Seria (4F)
Every article to be found here won’t exceed ¥100 (¥105 with tax)! North Tenjin Seria is very well organised, making both casual browsing and specific purchases easy.

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☆Arena (B1F)
Arena has a huge range of pool-related products – swimsuits, wetsuits, caps, palms, and more!

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☆ Books-Off Super Bazaar (6F~7F)
The 6F is dedicated to branded items – from clothes, bags, and jewelry, to china and other accessories. This is the best way to get high quality goods at low prices. But, if you’re not into clothes you should head upstairs where there’s a great selection of books, dvds, CDs, figurines, manga and toys.

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☆ Oukawa Kagu (4F)
For those who’ve recently arrived in Fukuoka, or those decorating their homes, this store has inexpensive homeware. All furniture is very reasonably priced, and there are even some imported carpets and unique decorative pieces.

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Special Eats:
☆Chococro St Mark Cafe
A great place for lunch and/or ice cream!

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Special Services:
• Free parking tickets (if more than ¥1000/goods are bought within 1 hour )
(if more than ¥3000/goods are bought within 2 hours)
• Pansy Cleaning (B1F)
• Dr.Stretching (B1F)
• Oshare Koubo La Vie (4F) – clothing alterations
• Shoes Repair (1F)

How to enjoy North Tenjin? Since North Tenjin is fairly compact, it probably won’t devour lots of your time, unless you end up in Book Off where it’s easy to let time drift by as you enjoy a book. Parents with young children who are beginning to tire of shopping should stop off at the 5F for a massage while kids can be distracted with the games on offer at Kid’s Us Land.

For Children: Other than the clothes, shoes and accessories that you can find at Casual and Shoes Avail on the 2F and Shimamura on the 3F, there is a large play area on the 5F called “Kids Us Land”. Trains, trampolines and arcade games await your child for only ¥105/15 min.

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For Men: North Tenjin isn’t one of those malls with a preponderance of women’s fashion stores – it has just as many shops for men as for women! Casual and Shoes Avail (2F) and Shimamura (3F) stock casual clothes and various accessories at reasonable prices – plus they stock larger sizes than usual.

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For Women: Women’s clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories can be found on the 2F (Avail) and 3F (Shimamura). What’s more, second-hand branded items are available at Books Off Super Bazaar on the 6F for those looking for good-quality bargains.

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For Tourists: Seria (4F) has a selection of traditional Japanese souvenirs, but anime lovers are best to check out Book Off (7F.) You’ll find your favorite manga and anime figurines at the best prices there.

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What’s nearby? North Tenjin is just by the Tenjin Post Office (Tenjin Yubinkyoku) and it’s connected to the Daiei and Mina shopping malls.

Elevator and escalator: Available
Public transportation: Subway, Bus
Parking: Available

North Tenjin
Address: 4-3-20 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City
Fukuoka Prefecture
Tel.: 092-739-0700
Open: 10:00~20:00(1F~5F)
Official website link:
Floor map:

Originally written for Fukuoka Now June 2013.
NOTE: The information presented here was gathered and summarized by Fukuoka Now staff. While we have done our best to check for accuracy there is a possible of error and facility details may change. If you notice any errors or changes please contact us. This report was originally written in June of 2013.

Published: Jul 8, 2013 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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