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What’s SUP Fukuoka? Stand Up Paddle Board!

Marine sports fans are truly spoilt for choice in Fukuoka. Hakata Bay offers friendly waters for yachting, while the beaches to the east or west boast pristine sandy beaches, waves for surfers and winds for windsurfers. SUP (Stand Up Paddle board) is the fastest growing marine sport around the world and it’s taking off in Fukuoka! Why? well, as the local experts concur, it’s relatively easy to learn and can be enjoyed by all ages, it can be enjoyed in a wide variety locations, it’s a great workout, it’s affordable, and it’s fun! We visited three beachside shops in western Fukuoka to learn more. Read on for details on rental, storage, accessories, wear and more. See you on the sea!

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SUP Shop Map

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Beach Store
Although technically located in Fukuoka’s Nishi-ward, Beach Store is close to the center of Futamigaura Beach within sight of Itoshima’s most famous landmark, the Meoto-iwa rocks. It’s a well established surf point, so SUP riders are asked to give way to surfers on high wave days but can enjoy SUP there on flat condition days. Takashi Fukai is a long-time local surfer. He converted an old-style “uminoie” into the Beach Store four years ago. The cozy shop carries stock of both new and used boards, paddles, accessories and wear. He also serves cold drinks, shaved ice, smoothies, alcohol and offers a BBQ plan. Rentals and lessons available. Takashi competes in SUP races and is one of only a few SUPA registered instructors in Fukuoka… and he speaks English!

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Equipment & services
Any brand of board and paddle can be ordered, but Beach Store recommends Sawarna boards and paddles. Custom order wetsuits, accessories and wear available.

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Storage facilities
¥4,000/month or ¥40,000/year including parking, board washing, hot shower (parking on weekends in high summer season is ¥500 extra).

SUP rental
¥3,500/2 hours. First time customers are required to take a class.

fn187 sup BEACH STORE 013

2hrs/¥5,000 (incl. shower). With SUPA certified instructor.

fn187 sup BEACH STORE 008

Address: 2137-1 Oda, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka
Open: 10am ~ sunset
Closed: irregular, usually open every day
Tel: 092-809-2000

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Kaoi Surf
Akira Hoashi began windsurfing as high school student here and twenty-seven years later he runs Kaoi Surf which also features Cafe Medium Tempo – a cafe bar on the second floor, and Hippo – a fantastic new bakery. Located a mere five minute walk from Imajuku subway station, Kaoi offers unparalleled convenience for those without cars. Deep inside Hakata Bay, Nagatare Kaisuiyokujo beach is ideal for beginners looking for flat water cruising while advanced paddlers can access Nokonoshima which is about five kilometers away. Hoashi says his SUP boards are particularly popular with women and families in the the area. His lessons can help anyone get standing up and paddling safely in no time. Customers can also book the parking lot for BBQs!

fn187 sup KAOI 039

fn187 sup KAOI 037

Equipment & services
There is a small shop but not much stock except for various small items. However Hoashi-san is happy to offer advice for boards, paddles, accessories and wear – and then order them in for you. Parking is ¥500/weekdays and ¥1,000/weekends. Shower: ¥500

Storage facilities
For ¥4,500 you can store your board, park your car, and use the showers. Currently there are about 80 windsurfers and five SUP boards parked here – space available (as of June 2014).

fn187 sup KAOI 033

SUP rental
¥500/30 min makes Kaoi the most affordable place to try SUP! And for just ¥5,000/month you can use the rental boards as often as you like – (both SUP and windsurfing). There are a few conditions to that deal (enquire at Kaoi Surf), but it’s still amazing value.

fn187 sup KAOI 031

¥4,500 includes rental, lesson, wear, shower, and parking.

fn187 sup KAOI 034

Address: 1-11-8 Imajuku-ekimae, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka
Open: 10:00 ~ sunset
Closed: irregular, usually open every day
Tel: 092-807-2050

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Lady Wind Surf & SUP
Located on Obaru Beach inside Hakata Bay, the conditions here are ideal for flat cruising and small wave SUP. Furthermore, access to the beach is via private property so paddlers can enjoy the sea to themselves without having to compete for space with surfers and swimmers. Etsuji Tomoeda began Lady Wave here thirty years for fellow windsurfers. A few years ago he added SUP to the lineup. Now over ninety SUP boards are kept in the storage there, making Lady Wave single most popular SUP facility in Fukuoka. It’s a great place to meet other SUP enthusiasts. Many of the experienced paddlers have crossed over from windsurfing. Tomoeda-san’s lessons are very popular and can be booked for any time or day of the week. Changing facilities, showers and a cafe round out the amenities. Hungry? Delicious food and drinks can be ordered in from Puka Puka, the restaurant next door.

fn187 sup LADY WAVE 028

fn187 sup LADY WAVE 021

Equipment & services
All brands of boards can be ordered however they recommend Starboard, Naish, and Bill Foote. For paddles they recommend Kialoa and Ke Nalu. Some stock of accessories. O’Neill is their preferred brand for wear.

fn187 sup LADY WAVE 019

Storage facilities
Probably the largest storage facility in western Japan. Currently 90 SUP and 150 windsurfer boards. ¥43,000/year including use of all facilities and parking.

fn187 sup LADY WAVE 024

SUP rental

Beginners: ¥2,000/2 hours, Intermediate~Advanced: ¥3,000/2 hours

fn187 sup LADY WAVE 029

fn187 sup LADY WAVE 016

Address: 4787 Obaru-kaigan, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka
Open: Shop: 10:00 ~ sunset, Lessons 09:00~ sunset
Closed: Irregular, usually open every day
Tel: 092-807-1690

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NOTE: The information presented here was gathered and summarized by Fukuoka Now staff from many sources and then translated. While we have done our best to check for accuracy there is a possible of error and also details may change. If you notice any errors or changes please contact us. This report was originally published in June 2014.

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