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Welcome to Fukuoka – Get Orientated! This is your monthly guide, but go online for even more information, and pick up a copy of the Now Map and explore on your own! Now, the basics


There are three systems “Nishitetsu”, “Subway”, and “JR”. The subway links the two city centers, Tenjin and Hakata to the Airport. Take “Nishitetsu” to visit sites such as Dazaifu or Yanagawa. Take “JR” to travel outside Fukuoka to Nagasaki, Beppu and the new Kyushu Shinkansen to Kagoshima.


Go almost anywhere aboard Nishitetsu Bus in Fukuoka City! Rates vary by distance, but are just ¥100 within the ¥100 Bus area (see p. 5 ~ 6 yellow area) including Hakata Sta., Sumiyoshi, Yakuineki-mae, Tenjin and Gofukumachi. Combined with Showa Bus, you can go as far as Itoshima from Hakata Station.

Riding the Bus

1. Check the destination on the front and side displays of the bus’s exeterior. Board via the center doors.

2. If paying cash, take a ticket as you board. If you have a nimoca IC card wave it over the sensor, ticket not required.

3. Bus stops and fees are displayed on the monitor next to a driver. The fee appears under the ticket number.

3. Fees are displayed on the monitor above the driver. Match your ticket number to get your fee.

4. Push the stop button to alert the driver that you want to get off at the next stop.

5. Drop the fee and your ticket into the box next to the driver and get off from the front door. If you need change, drop cash into the box next to the driver. When you are using nimoca, wave your card above the sensor.

Board using the middle doors and get off using the front door. Pay as you get off.

1)Indicates last stop on route
2)Indicates main stops
3)Colors and numbers differ by destination
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ATM for International Cards

■Seven Bank (7-11 stores)
Accepted cards: Any VISA, PLUS, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, China Union Pay (銀聯), or DISCOVER (hours of operation vary with card)

■Citibank N.A.
Accepted cards: Citibank, PLUS, STAR, NYCE, HONOR, THE EXCHANGE, or China Union Pay (銀聯)
1F Fukuoka Tenjin Daiichi Seimei Bldg., 2-8-30 Tenjin (open 24/7)
1F Fukuoka International Airport Terminal Bidg. (daily 06:30 ~ 21:30)

■JP Bank (Post Office)
Accepted cards: VISA, VISAELECTRON, PLUS, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, China Union Pay (銀聯), or DISCOVER
Operating times vary

Useful Information

Tourist Information Counters can be found inside Hakata Sta., Nishitetsu Fukuoka Tenjin Sta., Domestic and International Airport Terminals and the Port of Hakata.

■Tourist Call Center (English, Chinese, and Korean)
Tel: 092-751-6904 Every day: 10:00~18:30


■Fukuoka Emergency Medical Center
1-6-9 Momochihama, Sawara-ku
Tel: 092-847-1099

■Police: 110, Ambulance: 119


■Republic of Korea Consulate
1-1-3 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Tel: 092-771-0461
From Hakata Port take Bus #151, 152, 55 or 80. 12 mins to Tenjin Kita (¥180). Then take Bus #300, 301, 303, 305 to Yahoo! Dome-mae. Approx.: 9 minutes (¥220)
Taxi: approx. 20 min. / cost ¥1,800

■Australian Consulate
7F Tenjin Twin Bldg. 1-6-8 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Tel: 092-734-5055

■People’s Republic of China Consulate
1-3-3 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Tel: 092-713-1121

■Socialist Republic of Vietnam Consulate
4F Aqua Hakata 5-3-8 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Tel: 092-263-7669

■United States of America Consulate
2-5-26 Ohori, Chuo-ku, Tel: 092-751-9331

Access from Hakata Port

■To Tenjin
By Bus: From Hakata Port, Bus #55, 80, 151, 152 / Approx.: 15 min. / ¥180
By Taxi: approx.: 10 min. / ¥950

■To Hakata
By Bus: From Hakata Port, #11, 19, 50 / Approx.: 17 min. / ¥220
Express Shuttle Bus / Approx.: 15 min./ ¥220
By Taxi: approx.: 10 min. / ¥1,100

■To Momochi by Bus (transfer req.)
1. From Hakata Port to Tenjin Yubinkyoku-mae , #151, 152, 55, 80 / approx.: 15 min. / ¥180
2. From Tenjin Kita to Fukuoka Tower / Bus #302, 305 / Approx.: 15 min. / ¥220
By Taxi: Approx.: 23 min. / ¥1,950


City Maps

Pick up a FREE copy of Now Map (English, Chinese & Korean) at any Tourist Information counter

Shopping Tips

• There’s 5% consumption tax above labelled prices.
• Tipping is never required. Bargaining is not practiced.


Public phones are becoming scarce. They accept ¥10 and ¥100 coins and prepaid cards .
Roaming services for mobile phones are available via Docomo, SoftBank and AU. Rental mobile phones are available at the Airport.

Originally published in Fukuoka Now magazine (fn148, Apr. 2011)


Fukuoka City
Published: Apr 1, 2011 / Last Updated: Jun 13, 2017

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