Golden Oldies Rugby Parade

START: Oct 28, 2012 END: Oct 28, 2012

From Oct. 28 (Sun.), Rugby lovers over the age of 35 from across the globe will gather for the annual “Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival 2012 ”– held for the first time in Fukuoka! An opening ceremony is happening this Sunday (10/28), including a grand parade to welcome the Golden Oldies. The 1km parade down Meiji Dori will feature approx. 2,000 participants, including the rugby players and their families in fun Halloween-style costumes, along with local cheerleaders, children’s rugby teams, dancers, Fukuoka City officers and other citizen groups. Come down, cheer them on and welcome the Golden Oldies to our city!

• 10/28 (Sun.), 16:00~16:40
• Meiji Dori (from Fukuoka Bank Honten to Heiwadai Crossing)
• Traffic control: 15:50~17:00
※ Please use public transportation.
※ Throwing paper tape is allowed, but not firecrackers

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Published: Oct 25, 2012 / Last Updated: Dec 30, 2022

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