Nagai Utage ‘The Long Party’

START: Dec 21, 2012 END: Dec 23, 2012

A secret party is taking place in an 80 year old Japanese traditional house. The story will unfold as performers from Tori Kouen, a theatre group based in Tokyo, lead the audience from room to room. The performance will take place in Yokoo House, a satellite venue of Edamitsu Iron Theatre. Make sure to be at the Nishitetu ‘七条’ (Shichi-jou) bus stop in Yahata Higashi-ku 15 mins before the show starts. The event staff will guide you to the Yokoo House. Call 080-5472-5657 if you have trouble finding the meeting point. The running time is approximately 60mins.

• 12/21 (Fri.), 18:00~
• 12/22 (Sat.), 13:00~ ★Post-Performance Talk
• 12/22 (Sat.), 18:00~
• 12/23 (Sun.), 15:00~
• “西鉄「七条」バス停(Nishitetsu “Shichi-jo” bus stop) located in front of the Fukuoka Bank Shichi-jo branch office (福岡銀行 七条支店) 2-2-23 Arouda Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyūshū-shi (see google map). Here is the Nishitetsu route map for reference.
• Adv. ¥2,000, Concessions (students): ¥1,800, Door: ¥2,500, Concessions: ¥2000
• 080-5472-5657 or email

ABOUT: Edamitsu Theatre Festival 2012
The Edamitsu Iron Theatre Festival gathers quality performers from all over Japan to participate in an ambitious program of events. Their annual festival offers an eclectic mix of contemporary dance and original writing in addition to talks and workshops. Edamitsu is in Kitakyushu, a little way from Fukuoka City Centre (about an hour by train) but well worth the visit to discover this lively community theatre. These performances should interest anybody with an interest in non-commercial, cutting edge theatre in Japan. You can also browse the remaining festival program on their website.

Published: Nov 30, 2012 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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