Suho no shiroi uma mitaini ‘Like Suho’s White Horse’

START: Nov 29, 2012 END: Dec 2, 2012

This show, presented by Kyoto’s Gekidan Shiyouyo theatre group, is inspired by a Mongolian legend ‘Suho’s White Horse’. Having been killed by an evil lord, the spirit of a horse returns in a dream to its young owner. The horse commands the boy to turn his bones, skin and horsehair into an instrument- the Mongolian morin khuur. The show promises to be loud and dynamic with songs, shouting, live music and megaphones. The running time is approximately 80 minutes.

• 11/29 (Thu.), 19:30~
• 12/1 (Sat.) 17:00~
• 12/2 (Sun.) 11:00~ ★Post-Performance Talk
• 12/2 (Sun.) 15:00~
• Edamitsu Iron Theatre
• Adv.: ¥1,500, Concessions (high school students and younger): ¥1,000, Door: ¥1,800, Concessions: ¥1,000
• 090-9191-4971 or email
• 8-26 Edamitsuhonmachi, Yahatahigashi Ward, Kitakyushu

ABOUT: Edamitsu Theatre Festival 2012
The Edamitsu Iron Theatre Festival gathers quality performers from all over Japan to participate in an ambitious program of events. Their annual festival offers an eclectic mix of contemporary dance and original writing in addition to talks and workshops. Edamitsu is in Kitakyushu, a little way from Fukuoka City Centre (about an hour by train) but well worth the visit to discover this lively community theatre. These performances should interest anybody with an interest in non-commercial, cutting edge theatre in Japan. You can also browse the remaining festival program on their website.

Published: Nov 30, 2012 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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