Gaikokujin Star Tanjo 2013|外国人スター誕生

Fukuoka Now x JR Hakata City proudly presents the fourth annual “Gaikokujin Star Tanjo” event
Live contest & party Oct. 5 @ JR Kyushu Hall
Join the show and party on Oct. 5 as finalists perform before a panel of celebrity judges! Enjoy the contest, drinks, DJs, dancers, and delicious food in Fukuoka’s prestigious JR Kyushu Hall. If last year is anything to go by, this will be the most entertaining international event of the year in Fukuoka, so don’t miss it! Watch a video from last year’s event!

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Main Event- Live Talent Contest!
Seven international acts give the performance of their lives on stage! Who is Kyushu’s most talented foreigner and winner of ¥100,000? Cheer them on!

JR Kyushu Hall
After last year’s success, the fourth Gaikokujin Star Tanjo event will be again held inside the prestigious JR Kyushu Hall located directly above Hakata Station. There will be food and drink stalls, DJs, a dance floor and an expansive lounge seating area.

☆ International and Japanese food! Drinks and beers from around the world!
☆ DJ dance party ‘til late… meet new friends
☆ International DJs: Das Funkt and SamTroy


2013 Star Tanjo Contestants: ¥100,000 CASH PRIZE & FAME!
Congratulations to this year’s seven acts to pass the audition for Gaikokujin Star Tanjo 2013. The Lost Armoire of Baltimore: 1974, Manisha Bastola, Min Hu, Jean-Charles Schenker, Asylum, Calienta Rueda, Andrew Frisbie. Get to know then a little better by reading their full contestant bios.

Who do you think will take home the title of Fukuoka’s most talented foreigner for 2013?


Coming to the ultimate decision on the night, this year’s panel of celebrity judges…

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JUDGE #1: Micaela Braithwaite (Kawaii-ku Chief of Ward)

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JUDGE #2: Sumitaka Ikeda (Stylish Labo Fukuoka CEO)

JUDGE #3: TK Ziemba (Love FM “Top 40 Countdown”)

And introducing this year’s charismatic MC…

MC: Sebo (Love FM “C’est ca la France” & “Afternoon Delight”)

☆ Sexy pole dancers!

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☆ Special guest performance 1: Keith Lauher (2012 Gaikokujin Star Tanjo Winner)

startanjo2012 069

☆ Special guest performance 2: Kosuke & Chang (Saxophone/Drums)

Kosuke and Chang


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Gaikokujin Star Tanjo 2013 外国人スター誕生2013
• JR Kyushu Hall 9F Hakata Station
• 10/5 (Sat.) 19:00~23:00
• Door: ¥1,500
• Advance tickets: ¥1,500 (1 drink) online and at JR Hakata Station General Information counter 1F (08:00~21:00 until Oct. 4)

⬇⬇ADVANCE ONLINE TICKETS⬇⬇Includes one free drink!

Congratulations to the seven acts to pass the audition for this year’s Gaikokujin Star Tanjo event. And the contestants are… Andrew Frisbie (Vocals & Keyboard, US), Asylum (Rapper, US), Calienta Rueda (Latin Dance Team, Various Nationalities), Jean-Charles Schenker (Vocals, France), Manisha Bastola (Nepalese Dance, Nepal), Min Hu (Vocals, China), The Lost Armoire of Baltimore: 1974 (Guitar Duo, US/Canada).

The stakes are high for our seven acts of Gaikokujin Star Tanjo 2013. Here are the prizes…
1st Prize: ¥100,000 Cash
2nd Prize: ¥30,000 AMU Plaza Hakata shopping coupon
3rd Prize: ¥20,000 AMU Plaza Hakata shopping coupon
4th Prize: ¥10,000 AMU Plaza Hakata shopping coupon
5th Prize: ¥10,000 AMU Plaza Hakata shopping coupon
6th Prize: ¥10,000 AMU Plaza Hakata shopping coupon
7th Prize: ¥10,000 AMU Plaza Hakata shopping coupon

Get to know the contestants a little better! Scroll through the bios below…

The Lost Armoire of Baltimore: 1974 (The LAB)
Hometown: Canada / US
Residing in: Ogori City
Act: Two piece acoustic band
image-5 copy

Jared Haroutunian on vocals/guitar and Curtis Cahoon on guitar are “The Lost Armoire of Baltimore: 1974 (The LAB)”. The two Ogori City students come from the US and Canada. Jared has played guitar since middle school. He draws influences from Coldplay, John Mayer, and Dave Grohl, and has a melodic and almost percussive sound with its own unique flavor. Curtis started playing acoustic guitar in high school, and after getting into punk rock bands he joined a hard rock/metal band playing bass. He has studied music theory and the styles of different guitarists – from classical to modern. Together they are The LAB – their original songs made up of dual acoustic guitar, spoken word and melodic vocals in a mix of Japanese and English. The pair will play an original 3-min song “Zashiki Warashi”.

Hometown: American
Residing in: Saza City, Nagasaki
Act: Rapper

Asylum is a Texas born rapper, combining old and new hip-hop with rock, with great stage presence. He released an LP record, “Coalesce.” in Dec. 2012 – with fourteen tracks comprising just over forty minutes worth of excellent rhymes and rhythms. His style is generally dark and spacious, with lots of room for his poetry to sink in between the beats. Asylum grew into rap music from writing classical poetry. He has been making music for around 5 years, and has played various events in Japan including those in Sasebo, Fukuoka, Isahaya and Kumamoto. His natural rhythm and groove are worth checking out. He’ll be performing an original rap on stage at JR Kyushu Hall on Oct. 5.

Calienta Rueda
Hometown: Czech Republic, Mexico, UK, USA
Residing in: Beppu, Oita
Act: Latin Dance
Calienta Rueda

This international team of four Latin dance enthusiasts enter the contest with a unique brand of Cuban salsa/rueda choreography that’s got a strong focus on fun. Calienta Rueda Team is made up of four teachers and lecturers from Oita – Jana Rezkova (Czech Republic), Alfredo Bolanos Lopez (Mexico), Julia Jean Davies (UK) and Edward Kellerman (USA). Each member has been dancing for some time, but the team formed in 2011/12. Last year they started their own Latin night in Beppu where they’ve performed several times. Calienta Rueda dance all kinds of Latin dance styles, but focus mainly on Cuban Salsa and Rueda with bits of Reggaeton. Though from varied backgrounds (salsa, yoga, bellydance, latin dance), the four dancers move in harmony, and are always out to create a fun and lively atmosphere for themselves and the audience! Their performance at Star Tanjo tells the story of two couples who communicate through music and dance, a story of passion and seduction. Don’t miss it!

Min Hu
Hometown: China
Residing in: Fukuoka
Act: Acoustic guitar & vocals
humin copy

Min Hu is a graduate student from China currently studying in Fukuoka. He puts his own spin on popular Western pop songs by writing original arrangements, something he has a lot of fun doing. Min’s dream is to become a singer-songwriter. He has sung for years and practices whenever and wherever he gets the chance – onstage, offstage, on the street, at home, and (although he admits it sounds unprofessional) inside his bathroom! Recently he has taken to the streets of Tenjin with his songs. He’ll take to the Star Tanjo stage with an acoustic guitar Lady Gaga medley – with backup from Yimi Xu (China). So what’s Min Hu’s motto? He’s going to “Sing and rock them all!”

Manisha Bastola
Hometown: Nepal
Residing in: Fukuoka
Act: Nepalese Dance


Multi-talented Manisha from Nepal can sing and act too, but on Oct. 5 she plans to share her dancing talent with the international audience and celebrity judges. Although she has never received formal training, dancing has been a constant hobby of Manisha’s since childhood. She entered various dance competitions in Nepal and always placed higher than third position, and has performed in Japan too. Her style is fast paced, engaging and animated. Manisha dances to fulfill her own hobby, and to share her country’s identity to Fukuoka – let’s cheer her on as the only solo female act in this year’s Gaikokujin Star Tanjo contest. She says she’s gonna “hope for the best and rock the party!”

Jean-Charles Schenker
Hometown: France
Residing in: Fukuoka/Paris
Act: Vocals

Jean Charles

As the Deputy Director of the French Institute in Fukuoka Japan, it’s only fitting that Jean-Charles Schenker can belt out a classic French tune! Having taken classical vocal lessons for six years, Jean-Charles has both a love and a talent for singing. He has sung traditional songs in small cabaret shows and other intimate venues. He loves French songs because they are unique and convey feelings with sensitivity and emotion. Make him feel at home as he takes to the big stage of JR Kyushu Hall to sing the famous tune “Les Champs-Elysées”! Bonne Chance!

Andrew Frisbie 
Hometown: American
Residing in: Sasebo
Act: Vocals/keyboard

With 18 years singing experience and 6 years playing the piano, American Andrew Frisbie has been passionate about music for most of his life. He started out in his high school choir and gradually developed his piano skills in college. Since coming to Japan in Nov. 2011, Andrew has played and sung in the chapel bands at Fleet Activities Sasebo. He considers himself a jack-of-all-trades in music, performing everything from R&B and pop to opera and spiritual songs. See Andrew give it his all and share his talent with the crowds, singing “Let Her Cry” by Hootie and the Blowfish at this year’s Star Tanjo contest!

Come cheer them on, as these seven remarkable performers light up the stage at JR Kyushu Hall on Oct. 5. Who do you think will be crowned this year’s most talented foreigner in Fukuoka?

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