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2월 후쿠오카 가이드

February feels like the coldest month of the year, but it’s also the best month to pick and enjoy strawberries – and yes – we have a guide to some of the best spots near Fukuoka! We also outline a day trip to Yame and a tour of the Chikugo region. Find our recommended spots on your own or join us on the Fukuoka Now bus tours. Then we introduce the historic Mietsu Naval Dock in Saga Prefecture. Learn about its key role in the modernization of Japan. There’s a wonderful museum and other attractions nearby. February is also when many sake breweries open to the public to celebrate the sale of the new year’s rice wine. Read our detailed guide to the Jojima Sake Festival & Brewery Hopping event – and don’t miss the fun! This month’s restaurant pick is Number Shot (izakaya), the cafe is Lulu (gallery & sweets), the noodle shop is Ringer Hut – Hashimoto (custom-order champon and deli), and the bar is Ibizarte (Spanish bar). Be sure to check out all of our event listings too!

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로바다 넘버 샷Gourmet


링거 헛 후쿠오카 하시모토점Noodle


새 단장을 마친 큐슈 철도의 발상지 – 데키마치 공원Feature

Visit Yame – Bus Tour (Feb. 2018)Sightseeing

Chikugo Bus Tour Feb. 2018 by Fukuoka NowSightseeing

미에쓰 해군소 유적Feature


Jojima Sake Festival & Brewery Hopping – 2018 GuideFeature

Fukuoka Strawberry Picking Guide 2018Feature


하카타 한큐 발렌타인 이벤트

세츠분 축제

제30회 고코쿠 신사 벼룩시장t

나가사키 랜턴 페스티벌

제29회 유메타치바나 매화 감상회

탄생 50주년 기념 리카짱 전시회

JAAF 크로스 컨트리 챔피언십 2018

시라이토 주조 쿠라비라키

Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Jan 30, 2018 / Last Updated: Jan 30, 2018