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New Lexus SUVs Begin Roll-Off at Toyota Kyushu

On Nov. 4, Toyota Motor Kyushu held a roll-off ceremony for the recently revamped Lexus RX sport utility vehicle at its Miyata Plant. At the ceremony, company president Tatsuya Kaneko said, “We will produce more than 350,000 vehicles this year, and I want to focus our energies on enhancing development capacity and trying as much as possible to procure all parts from Kyushu.” This is the fourth iteration of the RX since it was introduced in 1997. The new RX comes in two types, the 450h hybrid and the 200t turbo. The local parts procurement rate for the latter model is 64%, a new record for the RX. Source: newsroom.toyota.co.jp


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Published: Nov 9, 2015 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016