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NHK Taiga Drama 2014 to be Filmed in Fukuoka and Oita

It was announced the 2014 installment of taiga drama is to be filmed in Fukuoka and Oita! Taiga drama is the name NHK gives to its annual, year-long historical fiction television series broadcasted in Japan and worldwide. The main character of the 2014 drama is Kanbei Kuroda, a Japanese daimyo of the late Sengoku through early Edo period. Renowned as a man of great ambition, Kuroda was the chief strategist under Toyotomi Hideyoshi and a commander of a samurai army of the Fukuoka Kuroda domain. Filming will take place at many historical spots in Fukuoka and Oita, and it’s anticipated that the drama will be a great PR opportunity for Fukuoka to be showcased to the world. Positive economic impact is expected from the filming. So, it’s time to get a head start studying the history surrounding Kuroda Kanbei! For starters, you can visit his tomb is in Sofukuji Temple, Fukuoka City. Source: Nishi Nihon Shinbun 10/11

Published: Oct 11, 2012 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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