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Jun 15, 2012 14:03 by jackdeberry

My wife and I are moving to Japan on June 22, 2012. I am committed to staying in Japan for many years and we are able to relocate.

I have over 10 years of experience in teaching, office work, and supervising employees. While serving in the United States Navy, I was the Training Petty Officer for my Division. As the Training Petty Officer, I was responsible for making a training schedule, assigning training topics, and also in designing training lectures. While stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, I was the facilitator for a class that was designed to help newly arrived service members and families transition to their new life in Japan. While in the Navy, I also served as the Watch Supervisor for the Combat Information Center on the USS Reuben James (FFG-57). I was responsible for the direct supervision of over 10 watch standers and for ensuring that all tactical data was disseminated to the appropriate personnel. At my latest job, I was the Shift Sergeant for Shift IV at the Caldwell County Jail in Lockhart, Texas. As the Shift Sergeant, I was responsible for supervising and training eight shift employees in accordance with the company’s Policy and Procedures and in accordance with Texas State Law. I speak basic Japanese, but I am studying to learn more each day and am constantly improving.

If you are interested in hiring a hard working and dedicated individual who will always strive to do their best, then please give me a call. If you need to reach me before we move, please contact me at this e-mail address or feel free to call me anytime at 1 (512) 227-1959 or the Japanese Cell Phone number that is located at the top of my resume. Thank your for your time in reading this letter and resume. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jack Frederick DeBerry

Jack Frederick DeBerry
2-36-11 Utskushigaoka-nishi
Aoba-ku, Yokohama City,
Japan 225-0001
Cell: 080 1121 0306
Home: 045 902 7650

Objective: To obtain a full time position that will enable me to use my strong organizational skills and my ability to work well with others to help the organization grow and prosper.

Summary of Qualifications: A very organized, take charge individual with several years of experience in security work and customer service who knows the importance of being a team player and putting the organization’s goals ahead of personnel ones. Always shows a high attention to detail in doing a job right the first time and in never leaving a task unfinished. Excellent communication skills and a team leader; providing motivation and training by example.


Shift Supervisor; Sergeant
TCLEOSE Licensed Jailer
Caldwell County Jail
November 3, 2009–Present

1. Books, fingerprints, photographs, and processes new inmates.
2. Conducts periodical headcounts of all inmates in the assigned area.
3. Conducts safety inspections.

4. Keeps inmate roster boards up to date.
5. Serve meals to inmates.
6. Conducts shakedowns of inmate housing area to insure no contraband is present.
7. Perform pat and strip searches.
8. Answers phone calls and files paperwork associated with inmates.
9. Monitors CCTVs
10. Supervises night Shift IV (approximately seven employees).
11.Verbally resolve conflicts with argumentative inmates.
12. Works with the general public
13. Carries out all other duties as assigned by a supervisor.
14. Supervises and trains seven shift employees on jail operations/functions

E-5 Operations Specialist
United States Navy
November 20, 2001 – March 19, 2009
Pearl Harbor, HI/Yokosuka, Japan
1. Security of Ship/Base Facilities From Fire, Theft, and/or Terrorist Attacks
2. Radar Navigation and Air Traffic Control
3. Customer Service in an Officer Preparing Forms and Correspondence and Taking Bus
4. Facilitator for a Class of New Arrivals To Yokosuka, Japan
5. Operated common marine navigation equipment
6. Operated the Center for Fleet Activities Yoksuka Bus Desk. Took reservations and ensured the bus schedule was maintained
7. Worked in an office preparing travel orders, ID cards, military correspondence, and filing paperwork/files
8. Provided targeting and contact information to various watchstations in the Combat Information Center.

Assistant Manager
Super S Foods
September 1999-2000

1. Supervised 5 Store Employees
2. Responsible for Cash Handling and Register Totals at the End of the Day.
3. Operated Western Union Money Transfer System
4. Ordered products
5. Accepted incoming shipments
6. Responsible for daily money count
7. Provided a friendly environment for customers to shop in

1.  Valid TXDL with clean driving record
2.  TCLEOSE Jailer’s License

1. 2007          18 College Credit Hours, Central Texas College
2. 1997           Diploma, Gonzales High School, Gonzales, TX

November 20, 2001 – March 19, 2009

1. U.S. Navy, Achieved the Rank of E-5
2. Honorable Discharge
3. Clean military record with two Good Conduct Medals

Contact Information Until 6/23/12:

1300 Pancho Street
APT #803
Lockhart, Texas USA 78644

Cell: 1 (512) 227-1959

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