Toshiaki Tashiro Art Exhibition

START: Apr 14, 2017 END: May 5, 2017

At this event Toshiaki Tashiro will be exhibiting his handwritten hiragana font for the first time at Tsutaya Bookstore. He will also hold lectures on 4/15 (Sat.) 18:30~ (open: 18:00) and 5/5 (Fri.) 15:30~ (open: 15:00) where you can meet him. Born in Saga, Toshiaki Tashiro studied oil painting in high school and then at a renowned art school in Osaka. His formal education ended there, and he hit the streets – literally. Technically accomplished, yet unrestricted and very free form, his art is now making a mark on the streets, galleries, and apparel shops in both Tokyo and his second home, Fukuoka.

Photo: Toshiaki Tashiro

• 4/14 (Fri.) ~ 5/5 (Fri.)
• 9:00~01:00
• Free
• Tsutaya Bookstore Tenjin 3F Cafe Space
• 1-20-17 Imaizumi, Chuo-ku

Published: Apr 11, 2017 / Last Updated: May 17, 2017