Free Wagyu Lunch Event in Fukuoka!

Nov. 29, Sunday (12:00~14:00)


Fukuoka Foodies will hold its first event on Nov. 29 (Sun.) and invites 30 people to enjoy a fabulous four course lunch including Japanese wagyu beef – for FREE!

If you’re a non-Japanese resident of Fukuoka and you eat out at restaurants often, we want you to attend!

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Wagyu Beef Lunch Menu
• An assortment of hors d’oeuvres:
Bagna càuda with Itoshima vegetables
Parma ham (imported from Italy) and grissini
Japanese sea bass carpaccio from the Genkai Sea
Roasted Kuroge Wagyu beef
• Spaghetti with homemade pancetta and tomato sauce
• Char-grilled Hokkaido Kuroge Wagyu beef
• Creamy panna cotta

Plus unlimited drinks! Choose from draft beer, wine, cocktails, wine cocktails, and soft drinks.


Menu compilation

Tenjin Bar 209
Located in the heart of Daimyo, Tenjin Bar 209 offers a winning combination of delicious food and drinks, including their specialty: high quality Kuroge Wagyu (Japanese Black Hair Beef) from Hokkaido. This famously gourmet cut of steak is expertly seasoned, melt-in-the-mouth perfection. Their Roman-style pizza served piping hot from a wood burning oven is another must try, and goes well with your choice of many new and old world wines.

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Official website:

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  • Fukuoka Foodies is run by Fukuoka Now magazine for the purpose of introducing eating and drinking places to non-Japanese residents and visitors from overseas.
  • This free event is also a diners’ survey. The venue wants to learn how to improve their food and service in order to better cater to visitors from overseas. For that reason, this event is limited to non-Japanese residents, and your feedback is expected after the event.
  • Applicants must be 20 years of age or older and non-Japanese.