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Fukuoka Now Fireworks Guide 2023

Summer in Japan wouldn’t be complete without the experience of a hanabi taikai, or fireworks festival! Fireworks, known as hanabi in Japanese, have been a beloved part of the country’s summer traditions for a long time. Originally, these festivals were held to deter evil spirits. Today, hundreds of these captivating fireworks displays take place throughout the seasons across Japan, delighting spectators with their stunning visuals and resonant sounds. Please note, viewing restrictions may be in place, so we recommend checking the Fukuoka Now Fireworks Guide and the specific venue’s website before planning your outing.

Kukinoumi Fireworks Festival

Fireworks Displays Scheduled for 2023

Jul. 8 (Sat.)
• Sasaguri-machi, Fukuoka: Sasaguri-machi Fireworks Festival
Jul. 16 (Sun.)
• Karatsu City, Saga: 71st Kyushu Fireworks Festival
Jul. 22 (Sat.)
• Ashiya-machi, Onga, Fukuoka: Ashiya Fireworks Festival
Jul. 23 (Sun.)
• Miyawaka City, Fukuoka: 51st Miyawaka Noryo Fireworks Festival
Jul. 28 (Fri.)
• Setaka-machi, Miyama City, Fukuoka: Miyama Noryo Fireworks Festival
Jul. 29 (Sat.)
• Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka: Kukinoumi Fireworks Festival
Jul. 30 (Sun.)
• Nogata City, Fukuoka: Nogata Summer Festival
Aug. 1 (Tue.)
• Iizuka City, Fukuoka: 99th Iizuka Noryo Fireworks Festival
Aug. 5 (Sat.)
• Buzen City, Fukuoka: 71st Buzen Port Festival
Aug. 11 (Fri., hol.)
• Soeda-machi, Tagawa, Fukuoka: Soeda Fireworks Festival
Aug. 13 (Sun.)
• Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka: 36th Kanmon Kaikyo Fireworks Festival
Aug. 26 (Sat.)
• Asakura City, Fukuoka: Amagigawa Fireworks
• Onga, Fukuoka: Onga-machi Summer Festival
Aug. 27 (Sun.)
• Kurume City, Fukuoka: 364th Chikugo River Fireworks Festival
Sep. 15 (Fri.)
• Kurume City, Fukuoka: Hanabi Douranbachi
Sep. 16 (Sat.)
• Nishi-ku, Fukuoka: Hakata Bay Artistic Fireworks 2023
Sep. 22 (Fri.)
• Fukutsu City, Fukuoka: Make a wish come true! Kaiun Fireworks Festival
Oct. 7 (Sat.)
• Sasebo City, Nagasaki: 10th Kyushu Biggest Fireworks Festival

To be determined (as of Aug. 4, 2023)
• Chikugo City, Fukuoka: Chiggo Land of Love Fireworks Festival

Cancelation information
• Nakagawa City, Fukuoka: Nakagawa Festival
• Enokizu, Okawa City, Fukuoka: Okawa Fireworks Festival

Jul. 8 (Sat.)

Sasaguri-machi Fireworks Festival

Join us for the eagerly anticipated return of Sasaguri Town’s annual summer festival, taking place for the first time in four years. The day’s festivities will commence with the traditional Gion Yamakasa procession at 10:00 a.m. This will be followed by a lively parade featuring the talented brass band from our local junior high school at 2:00 p.m., and a children’s portable shrine procession at 3:20 p.m.

The day’s main event, a spectacular fireworks display, will illuminate our skies starting at 8:00 p.m., serving as the grand climax of our festival. A myriad of approximately 120 stalls will be open for your enjoyment from noon until dusk. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and take part in this unforgettable celebration!

Sasaguri-machi Fireworks Festival

• 7/8 (Sat.) *cancelled in case of inclement weather
• Fireworks: 20:00~20:40
• Approx. 955 fireworks
• Suga Shrine (Sasaguri, Sasaguri-machi, Kasuya, Fukuoka)
• 10 min. on foot from JR Sasaguri Sta.

Jul. 16 (Sun.)

71st Kyushu Fireworks Festival

Experience a dazzling fireworks display centered around Karatsu Castle, the iconic symbol of Karatsu. The spectacle is perfectly synchronized, with fireworks launching from two beaches, one to the west and one to the east, creating a stunning panorama. The highlight of the display is the riveting contrast between the illuminated Karatsu Castle and the vibrant pyrotechnics.

Reaching this spectacular event is convenient, with just a single train ride separating Fukuoka City from Karatsu when you take the Fukuoka City Subway towards Meinohama. Join us for an evening of mesmerizing visuals and unforgettable memories!

• 7/16 (Sun.) *In case of inclement weather, postponed to 7/17 (Mon., hol.), a backup date of 9/17 (Sun.)
• 20:00~20:15
Higashihohama, Nishinohama area, Karatsu City, Saga
• 15 min. on foot from JR Karatsu Sta.

Jul. 22 (Sat.)

Ashiya Fireworks Festival

Immerse yourself in a tradition dating back to the early 1900s with our fireworks festival. One of the highlights is the stunning 250-meter wide ‘Niagara Falls’ fireworks display, set alight from boats floating on the river. The vibrant bursts of color in the night sky, mirrored on the shimmering waters below, create a breathtaking tableau that’s truly picture-perfect.

Ashiya Fireworks Festival, あしや花火大会

• 7/22 (Sat.) *slight rain or shine, no postponement in case of rain.
• 7,000 fireworks
• 20:00~21:00 (fireworks start: 20:00)
Onga River estuary, Ashiya-machi, Onga, Fukuoka

Jul. 23 (Sun.)

51st Miyawaka Noryo Fireworks Festival

Mark your calendars for the much-anticipated return of the Noryo Fireworks Festival, a beloved summer tradition in Miyawaka City, taking place for the first time in four years. The festival will launch into full swing with a dazzling display of 3,000 fireworks starting at 8:00 p.m.

But the festivities begin even before the first firework lights the sky. From 6:20 p.m., the Kurate Ryutoku High School Japanese Drum Club will deliver a riveting Taiko drum performance, setting the tempo for an unforgettable evening. Join us in celebrating this cherished summer tradition!

• 7/23 (Sun.) *postponed to 7/26 (Wed.) in case of inclement weather
• 20:00~21:00
• Approx. 3,000 fireworks
• Honjo Bridge (Honjo, Miyawaka City, Fukuoka)
• 20 min. by bus towards Hakata Sta. from JR Nogata Sta. → get off at Miyata and 8 min. on foot from the bus stop.

Jul. 28 (Fri.)

47th Miyama Noryo Fireworks Festival

Join us for an electrifying spectacle as 5,000 fireworks are launched from the banks of the Yabe River, which gracefully flows through Miyama City. This year, the epicenter of the event and the primary viewing area will be at Setaka Elementary School.

Here, the school grounds will transform into a vibrant marketplace with numerous stalls offering a variety of delights. Come be part of this sensational celebration, and experience an evening filled with brilliant colors, community spirit, and unforgettable memories!

• 7/28 (Fri.) *postponed to 7/31 (Mon.) or 8/4 (Fri.) in case of inclement weather
• 20:00~
• Approx. 5,000 fireworks
• 15 min. on foot from JR Setaka Sta.
• Around Setaka Elementary School (Setaka-machi, Miyama City, Fukuoka)

Jul. 29 (Sat.)

Kukinoumi Fireworks Festival

Join us at the historic Wakato Ohashi Bridge, a 627-meter red-frame suspension bridge. When it opened in 1962, it held the distinction of being the longest in the East. The bridge serves as the emblem of our area and the backdrop for the “Niagara Falls” fireworks display, among other representative fireworks presentations of Kitakyushu.

In honor of this event, marine traffic across Dokai Bay will come to a halt, making way for the fireworks to be launched from a barge floating in the middle of the bay. The stunning spectacle of the fireworks display over the sea, coupled with the cascade of light showering down on Dokai Bay, is nothing short of breathtaking. Be sure to mark your calendar for this spectacular display of beauty and heritage.

Kukinoumi Fireworks Festival

• 7/29 (Sat.) *canceled in the event of inclement weather, no postponements
• 20:00~20:40
• Approx. 4,000 fireworks
• Dokai Bay, Wakato Bridge (Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka)
• 3 min. on foot from JR Wakamatsu Sta.

Jul. 30 (Sun.)

Nogata Summer Festival 2023

Celebrate a timeless summer tradition in Nogata City. Riverside Park, the venue of our festival, transforms into a bustling marketplace with around 200 stalls lining the riverbanks, offering an array of local delights.

Starting from 7:10 p.m. on the festival day, we bring to you the grand finale of the Nogata Yamakasa, a cherished event with a history spanning around 400 years. Once the resplendent Kaki-yama floats have made their way through the city, prepare to be dazzled by a breathtaking fireworks display. Commencing at around 8:00 p.m., we’ll light up the night sky with approximately 6,000 fireworks, marking an unforgettable climax to the festivities.

Be a part of this mesmerizing spectacle and experience an integral part of Nogata City’s rich cultural heritage!

• 7/30 (Sun.) *postponed to 8/2 (Wed.) or 8/8 (Tue.) in case of inclement weather
• Nogata Yamakasa 19:10~19:45, Fireworks 20:00~21:00
• Approx. 6,000 fireworks
• Nogata Riverside Park (under Nogata City Hall, Ongagawa riverbed)
• 15 min. on foot from JR Nogata Sta. (Chikuho Main Line)

Aug. 1 (Tue.)

99th Iizuka Noryo Fireworks Festival

Join us for the time-honored summer tradition in Iizuka City, a festival that began in 1922 and now draws an impressive crowd of 100,000 visitors annually. For the first time in four years, we’re excited to reignite the night sky with approximately 5,000 fireworks. This vibrant spectacle will feature a range of large-scale displays, including our stunning ‘Niagara Falls’ sequence.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to be part of a tradition that brings together community, heritage, and a breathtaking pyrotechnic spectacle. Mark your calendars and be a part of this unforgettable celebration!

• 8/1 (Tue.) *postponed to 8/3 (Thu.) in case of inclement weather
• 20:00~21:10
• Approx. 5,000 fireworks
Nakanoshima, Ongagawa, Iizuka City, Fukuoka
• 5 min. from JR Shin-Iizuka Sta.

Aug. 5 (Sat.)

71st Buzen Port Festival

Buzen City’s annual fireworks display lights up the night with a captivating display of 3,000 fireworks, including unique underwater ones that reflect brilliantly off the sea surface at the fishing port. The fireworks illuminate the sky, creating a stunning spectacle that truly brings the summer night to life.

In addition to the fireworks, the “Saturday Night Market,” a summer favorite in Buzen, takes place at Hiraike Park, situated near JR Unoshima Station. Visitors will find a plethora of stalls offering local treats and treasures, setting the perfect stage to immerse in the jovial atmosphere of a summer festival. This combination of radiant fireworks and festive fair guarantees a memorable experience for all attendees.

71st Buzen Port Festival, 第71回豊前市みなと祭り豊前市提供

• 8/5 (Sat.) *postponed to 8/7 (Mon.) in case of inclement weather
• 20:00~21:00
• Approx. 3,000 fireworks
• Unoshima Port (347 Unoshima, Buzen City, Fukuoka)
• 20 min. on foot from JR Unoshima Sta.

Aug. 13 (Sun.)

36th Kanmon Kaikyo Fireworks Festival

Experience a symphony of lights and reflections at the strait between Shimonoseki (Yamaguchi) and Moji (Kitakyushu, Fukuoka). Fireworks are launched in harmony from three points over the water, creating a dazzling display mirrored beautifully on the water’s surface.

The sight is even more stunning when viewed from the coast or mountains, set against the backdrop of the illuminated industrial areas. This combination of natural and man-made lights creates a breathtaking tableau that is undeniably worth witnessing. Don’t miss this unique spectacle where fireworks, water, and city lights blend to create an unforgettable visual experience.

Kanmon Kaikyo Fireworks Festival, 関門海峡花火大会©福岡県観光連盟

• 8/13 (Sun.) *canceled in case of inclement weather
• 19:50~20:20
• Approx. 15,000 fireworks
• Admission to viewing area: ¥1,000 (ticket for cooperation in environmental improvement), special sponsor seats (paid, reserved viewing seats)
Moji area, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka
• 10 min. on foot from JR Mojiko Sta.

Aug. 26 (Sat.)

Amagigawa Fireworks Festival

Approximately 4,000 fireworks of varying sizes near the Amagi Bridge over the Koishiwara River, which gracefully meanders through Asakura City. The fireworks will be set off at various points along the 200-meter width of the river, creating a radiant panorama that lights up the night sky.

Simultaneously, the traditional Nagare-Kanjo Buddhist memorial service will be taking place. This event is a time-honored ritual where participants pray for the peaceful repose of their ancestors’ souls and the safety of their family members. Join us for this profound and visually spectacular evening, where tradition and spectacle harmoniously unite.

Amagigawa Fireworks Festival, 甘木川花火大会 流灌頂法要会

• 8/26 (Sat.)
• 19:40~
• Approx. 4,000 fireworks
• Amagi Bridge, Koishiwara River (Asakura City, Fukuoka)
• 10 min. on foot from Amagi Sta. (Amagi Railway), 15 min. on foot from Nishitetsu Amagi Sta.

Onga-machi Summer Festival

Prepare to be part of Onga Town’s grandest summer event! This year, after a hiatus of four years, dancers from various districts in Onga Town will assemble to perform the mesmerizing So-Odori dance and take part in exciting stage events.

As the day’s festivities draw to a close, a spectacular fireworks display will be launched at 8:00 p.m. to mark the festival finale. Don’t miss out on this thrilling community event where dance, camaraderie, and spectacular fireworks combine to create an unforgettable celebration!

Onga-machi Summer Festival, 遠賀町夏まつり

• 8/26 (Sat.) *cancelled in case of inclement weather
• 18:00〜20:40 (fireworks 20:00~20:30)
• Approx. 3,000 fireworks
• Onga Sports Park (23-6 Hirowatari, Onga-cho, Onga, Fukuoka)
• 10 min. on foot from JR Ongagawa Sta.

Aug. 27 (Sun.)

364th Chikugo River Fireworks Festival

Witness a historic fireworks display that boasts a history of more than 350 years, initially started as a tribute to the Suitengu Shrine located along the Chikugo River. While the event was held on a reduced scale until last year, this year promises a grand spectacle with the launch of 15,000 fireworks.

The sight of the dazzling pyrotechnics mirrored on the serene surface of the Chikugo River is a visual treat not to be missed. Reaching this captivating display is effortless, with direct Nishitetsu train services available from Tenjin. Join us in this vibrant tradition, blending history, culture, and the sheer beauty of a fireworks display.

Chikugogawa Fireworks, 筑後川花火大会

• 8/27 (Sun)
• 19:40~20:50
• Approx. 15,000 fireworks
• Venues: Kyomachi, Sasayama, Komorino, Nagatoishi, Miyaki (map)
*shuttle bus is available from Nishitetsu Kurume Sta. to Daigaku Byoin bus stop (16:30~22:00, one-way ¥240)

Sep. 15 (Fri.)

Hanabi Douranbachi

Witness a unique fireworks spectacle that has been a part of Fukuoka’s intangible folk culture for over 360 years. Held annually on September 15th at Ouji Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine, the event is named “Douranbachi,” inspired by the image of bees swarming out of a disturbed hive. Originally a simple ritual to offer fireworks for a bountiful harvest and protection against disease, the tradition evolved after a prominent family serving the Kurume domain taught the locals the art of “trap fireworks.”

Unlike the sky-filling displays of typical fireworks festivals, the event’s highlight is the explosive sound and intense scattering of sparks. This intriguing fireworks experience is sure to captivate your senses, as it serves both as a community prayer for prosperity and an astonishing display of pyrotechnics.

Hanabi Douranbachi, 花火動乱蜂

• 9/15 (Fri.) *will be postponed in case of rain
• 19:30~20:10
• Ouji Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine
569 Yamakawa-machi, Kurume City, Fukuoka

Sep. 16 (Sat.)

Hakata Bay Artistic Fireworks 2023

Fukuoka is excited to welcome back the Artistic Fireworks! Previously held at Uminonakamichi in 2017 and 2018, this year’s event promises a bigger spectacle, with the venue being relocated to Atagohama.

Top-class pyrotechnicians from across Japan will convene for a spectacular 60-minute non-stop display, artistically synchronizing sound and fireworks to a medley of trendy tunes, timeless classics, and songs beloved by all generations.

On the day of the event, the vicinity of the venue will be closed to traffic, with no parking or bicycle parking available. Attendees are advised to walk to the venue from Meinohama Subway Station, a comfortable 25-minute stroll. Be ready to immerse yourself in a unique symphony of lights and music, creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Hakata Bay Artistic Fireworks 2023, 博多湾芸術花火2023

• 9/16 (Sat.) *slight rain, cancelled in case of stormy weather
• Open 16:00, fireworks 19:00~20:00
• Approx. 13,000 fireworks
• All seats charged: beach seats from ¥3,500, chair seats from ¥6,500 (available at Lawson Ticket)
• Atagohama Marina Town Seaside Park (2-3 Atagohama, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka)
• 25 min. on foot from Fukuoka City Subway Meinohama Sta. (venue map)

Sep. 22 (Fri.)

Make a wish come true! Kaiun Fireworks Festival

During the Autumn Grand Festival, the most significant festival of Miyajidake Shrine, a grand fireworks display takes center stage. This illuminating spectacle is set off with the heartfelt hope that all attendees’ wishes will be fulfilled and their worries will be dispelled.

Join us in this meaningful celebration, bask in the vibrant hues of the fireworks, and immerse yourself in the powerful, hopeful ambiance as we collectively wish for happiness and peace.

Make a wish come true! Kaiun Fireworks Festival, 願いかなえ!開運花火大会

• 9/22 (Fri.)
• 20:00~
• Approx. 1,000 fireworks
• Miyajidake Shrine
7-1 Miyajimotomachi, Fukutsu City, Fukuoka
• Take Nishitetsu Bus from JR Kagoshima Honsen Fukuma Station to Miyajidake-jinja-mae bus stop.

Oct. 7 (Sat.)

10th Kyushu Biggest Fireworks Festival

Get ready for a dazzling display of 22,000 fireworks – the largest fireworks show in Western Japan, sure to illuminate the night sky in a spectacle of awe and wonder. This year’s event will showcase an array of Japanese fireworks, recipients of the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award – the highest honor in the fireworks industry.

Adding an international touch, we will also feature a spectacular show by American pyrotechnicians. The grand finale includes the breathtaking one-shaku-dama firework display, expanding to a diameter of 280 to 320 meters, and culminates in a phenomenal 5,000-shot starmine, all unfolding in a swift and captivating five minutes. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary show of light, color, and artistic mastery!

10th Kyushu Biggest Fireworks Festival, 第10回九州一大花火まつり


• 10/7 (Sat.)
• 18:45〜20:30
• 22,000 fireworks
• 1-Day Passport: Adult ¥7,000, ES and JHS ¥6,000, 4 y.o. ~ ES ¥4,600, pre-school: ¥3,500 * If you want to use the special viewing seats, you must purchase advance tickets separately.
• Huis Ten Bosch(1-1 Huis Ten Bosch-machi, Sasebo City, Nagasaki

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