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Canezees Doughnut Hakata

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Less than 10 minutes by foot south of Hakata Station is Canezees Doughnuts, Fukuoka’s first indie doughnut shop. Years ago, when Kenji (who previously owned the popular izakaya “Kenji-ya” near Reisen Park) lived in New York City, he enjoyed nothing better than picking up a doughnut and a coffee from a street vendor. When he returned to Japan, finding doughnuts was never a problem, but they just weren’t quite same. Determined to enjoy doughnuts as he’d used to, Kenji began developing recipes for ‘healthy’ US-style donuts, soon opened his shop in 2007. He’s been riding Japan’s doughnut boom ever since.

Kenji and his doughnut

Kenji and his doughnut

The doughnuts served at Canezees aren’t your run of the mill, Mr Donut style creations. Canezees has an eclectic selection of regular and seasonal flavours ranging from Congan Vanilla to Green Tea and Kinako (roasted soy beans) and each doughnut is lovingly handmade from responsibly sourced ingredients in the bakery above the shop. The doughnuts are made daily using pure rice oil, making them less calorific and much healthier than their chain-store equivalents. Once used, instead of being thrown away, the oil goes on to power the shop’s delivery van.

Upstairs in the factory

Upstairs in the factory

At night, the shop turns into a groovy little bar that serves up a delicious combination of snack foods and, you guessed it, doughnuts. Things really kick off on the last Friday of every month, when the shop has its Funky Doughnuts night, an all-you-can-eat doughnut bonanza for just ¥1,500 (soft drinks included). Go along from 8pm onwards to sample all the regular flavours plus the next month’s new creations.

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Owner Kenji is cycling mad, and posters of Japanese cyclists line the wall behind the bar. This love has extended beyond interior design however, and to be as eco-friendly as possible, Canezees delivers all of their doughnuts by bike (minimum order of 10). Canezees Doughnut also make the perfect gift option, with family sized gift boxes available to take home.

Gift boxes for loved ones

Gift boxes for loved ones

While the donuts aren’t cheap (¥170-250) they are a marvel of both quality and taste and are worth the investment. All donuts can be enjoyed in the shop and at one of its several outdoor tables or bought from the outdoors counter to be taken away.

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Canezees Doughnut Hakata
• 4-15-10 1F Haktaeki-mae, Hakata-ku
• Open: 10:00~24:00 (Tue.~Fri.), 9:00~24:00 (Sat., Sun.& Hol.)
• 092-474-2259
• Closed: Mon.
• Regular flavours: Black Sesame & Roasted Soy, Honey Sugar, Cacao Barry Chocolate, Organic Vanilla, Seasonal Fruits, Organic Maple Cinammon, Amami Island Brown Sugar. Also Churros and Mixed Rusk.

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Published: Jul 1, 2015 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017

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