Backpack, speaker, kotatsu

May 29, 2019 07:34 by franstormer

Hey guys, I’m leaving Japan next Friday and have some items to let go.
Do let me know if you’re interested in it.

Herschel Supply Co. Little America backpack – 1,000 yen
The leather-ish part below the magnetic part is kinda torn but the backpack itself is still in a good condition

The North Face Onsight backpack – 1,500 yen
The shoulder strap is a little torn but still usable, unless you’re trying to carry like 25-30kg worth of stuff in it? :/

Creative T40 Series-II 2.0 speaker – 4,500 yen
A really good 2.0 speaker for games or musics, just plug the 3.5mm jack in and enjoy nice quality sound, the plastic of the base is still intact!

A huge Nitori kotatsu and the kotatsu futon set – 9000 yen
The length is about 1.8m and width around 1m a very big kotatsu, I replaced my bed with this during winter since its super cozy and fits my whole body inside and it doesnt kill my electricity bills compared to the AC.

I am located in Fukuoka, Higashi-ku 5 mins walk from Kaizuka subway station, feel free to msg me if you’re interested in those and I also have some other small items to give away since I’m moving out of Japan next Friday, have a good day!

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