Jet Communications seeking full-time bilingual English Teacher

Jun 30, 2020 09:41 by Jet Communications HR

Jet Communications is currently seeking a full time bilingual English teacher for both children and adults in our Nishijin and Kurume locations. This is a full-time position with full benefits including; health insurance, pension, and thirty paid holidays per annum.
The successful candidate will be proactive and independent, but also highly functioning in a team environment. Computer skills are a must, and those with solid Japanese language skills and teaching certification will be given priority.

*Native Speaker of English
*Intermediate to advanced level of Japanese
*Minimum BA or BSc
*Must have basic computer skills
*Must be willing to work at both Nishijin and Kurume school locations
*Must currently reside in Japan and hold a current work visa

*¥290,000/month starting salary
*Performace based pay increases
*Paid transportation expenses
*Full medical insurance
*30 paid holidays per annum
*Two successive days off per week

Please send a resume along with a photo to HR Manager Katie Ishibashi at

Interviews will be conducted online over Zoom.

Jet Communications Co., Ltd.

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