Learning Pod for English-Speaking Children!

Nov 1, 2020 09:28 by KyushuLearningPod

As a fellow parent trying to survive the COVID-19 pandemic – with kids – in Kyushu – I would like to invite you to join our online pandemic learning pod cooperative. It’s a special pod designed for children who are English native or heritage speakers, and/or Japanese “returnee” children who might miss speaking English.

Here is my vision for this program:
We will have two “pods”: one for children ages 0-6, and another one for children ages 7-12.
Each week, we will all sign on and “meet” on Zoom or Google Meet and conduct our 5 sessions for a specified time (dependent on confirmed participants), on a weekly agreed-upon day, beginning the second week of November.
Due to the cooperative nature of the group, parents will be asked to be involved. Finally, all sessions will be held remotely, at least until the prefectural risk levels in the area decrease.

We are very excited about this new opportunity and hope that your family will join us on this adventure, as together, we create a safe place for our children to not only learn a new thing or two, but to also grow and explore and hopefully make some new friends.

If you would like to join and/or have any questions, please do get in touch with me at

*All the online learning services will be free of charge.

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