Looking for an online Japanese conversation teacher

Sep 8, 2022 20:00 by kaharulkahar

Hi, I am looking for an online Japanese conversation teacher. I have passed my N4 2 years ago but as I am busy working and barely have time to use Japanese with my colleagues, my Japanese is getting worse. Therefore, I want to practice speaking Japanese. Native Japanese or foreigner does not matter. If you are a foreign teacher as long as you have N3 or N2/N1 JLPT level Japanese and can speak in English I am OK. As for a Japanese teacher, hopefully, you can speak English because sometimes I would learn better with English explanations if I don’t understand the Japanese explanation. This is a paid job. I can pay up to 2500 yen per hour for a 1-hour session, 4 times per month, maybe more depending on my availability. For those interested feel free to reach out to me. Thank you.

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