Sale! (furniture and household items)

Jul 28, 2020 08:10 by frequency200727

I don’t need some items anymore. All are still in good condition. I have set the prices on each item in below. Even though cheap prices are considered, you can offer me your reasonable price. I will definitely consider. My apartment is a ten-minute walk from the Kaizuka subway station (15 min from JR Hakozaki station). All items are pick-up only (I can deliver, in that case extra charge will be added!). I will consider additional discounts for anyone buying 3+ items! All items were used in a smoke-free home. Looking forwards to hearing from you. Thank you.

Google Sheet:


In case you are unable to view the Google Sheet, here is a quick overview of the items:
1. Dining table with chairs 4,500 yen
2. Dining chair 750 yen
3. Floor carpet (red color) 1,000 yen
4. Floor carpet (gray color) 1,000 yen
5. Multipurpose TV (Sony) with table 5,000 yen
6. Glass shelf cabinet 1,000 yen
7. Dressing table 750 yen
8. Wardrobe-1 1,500 yen
9. Wardrobe-2 1,500 yen
10. Table fan 750 yen
11. Kerosene heater-1 1,500 yen
12. Kerosene heater-2 2,000 yen
13. Kerosene heater-3 (small size) 1,500 yen
14. Multipurpose TV (Panasonic) 7,000 yen
15. Multipurpose Table with light and drawers 2,000 yen
16. Shoe shelf-1 750 yen
17. Shoe shelf-2 1,000 yen

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