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Cruising & Fine Dining Around Hakata Bay

Views of Hakata Bay, delicious French cuisine by Nishitetsu Grand Hotel’s top chef and world-class hospitality: this is not your average cruise. All aboard the Mariera for a relaxing, unique dining experience.

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Lunch Cruise
Fukuoka Tower and Shikanoshima Island glitter under the blue sky.

Ciel Course (6 dishes): Adult ¥4,100, Child ¥3,330
(Every day: 12:15~13:40)

Dinner Cruise
Beautiful views of Hakata Bay and authentic French cuisine.

Ciel Course (6 dishes): Adult ¥6,200, Child ¥5,170
(Weekdays: 19:00~20:50, Sat.: 19:15~21:05, Sun. & Hol.: 18:00~19:50)

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Twilight Cruise
At dusk, when the sky turns red.

Soleil Course (6 dishes): Adult ¥5,100, Child ¥4,330
(Sat.: 17:00~18:40)

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*Premium courses also available

Reservations required by phone or web at least 1 day in advance.
Mariera Reservation Center
Tel.: 092-751-7171
Hours: 9:30~18:30 (Mon. ~ Sat.), 10:30~18:00 (Sun. & Hol.) (Japanese only)


Published: Mar 28, 2016 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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