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Domestic Violence (DV) Awareness Campaign

From Nov. 12 to Nov. 25, Fukuoka Prefecture is raising awareness about violence against women in the home. Don’t suffer alone.

What is DV?
DV is a pattern of abusive or violent behavior from a partner in an intimate relationship. All forms of domestic violence are against the law in Japan and a violation of basic human rights.

Forms of DV
DV can take many forms, effecting both the mind and body. For example:
– Physical abuse (hitting, kicking, throwing objects etc.)
– Emotional abuse (restricting friendships and communication, monitoring mobile phones, emails, letters etc.)
– Sexual abuse (forced intercourse, not cooperating in contraception, etc.)
– Economic deprivation (restricting living expenses, prohibiting employment, etc.)

Seek Help
In Japan, there are laws and systems in place to protect those suffering from DV. Regardless of nationality, victims in Japan are urged to seek support. Foreigners suffering from DV should not suffer alone, the following departments are here to help. Come in and talk – the details of your meeting are kept confidential and consultation is free.

Fukuoka Prefecture Offices for Health, Human Services and Environmental Issues (*福岡県保健福祉環境事務所) can also be consulted regarding DV. You may be asked to fill in a foreign language consultation sheet.

Consultation desks:
• Fukuoka Prefecture Women’s Counseling Center
Tel.: 092-711-9874
Mon. ~ Fri. 9:00 ~ 17:15 (except Public Hol.)
• Fukuoka Prefecture Spousal Violence Counseling Hotline
Tel.: 092-716-0424
Mon. ~ Fri. 17:15 ~ 24:00 / Sat., Sun. and Hol. 9:00 ~ 24:00

Fukuoka Prefecture Community, Culture, and International Affairs Department Gender Equality Promotion Division
Tel.: 092-643-3409

Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn179, Nov. 2013)

Published: Oct 25, 2013 / Last Updated: Jun 13, 2017

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