24th Gokoku Shrine Flea Market

START: Jan 23, 2016 END: Jan 24, 2016

Browse the 77 booths which will be selling a diverse range of products, from furniture to nik-naks. There will also be plenty of stalls selling warm food and drink to keep you toasty as you peruse the various wares:

At Food Court A, warm up with Petani Coffee’s organic drip coffee (¥300), or some of Popcoffees’ organic tea (¥300) and juice (¥350). In the mood for something a little spicier? Trene will be selling chicken and tomato curry (¥600) and shrimp curry (¥600), while Cattle Island will be selling Indian curry. Not a curry lover? Try Queen Cook Cafe’s Yakiyama burrito!

At Food Court B, Canezees Doughnut will be selling their delicious donuts – both their original selection and their new vegan range (¥200~). Stop by Banks for one of their famous kebab burritos (¥380~ each), some hot apple and ginger juice (¥400), or a dripped coffee (¥350). Ginger-lovers will enjoy Kotokoto-Kitchen’s ginger jam (¥630) and ginger candy (¥350). Whilst the lactose-intolerant should track down Tamahoko for some of their soy milk scones (¥250~) or soy milk gateau chocolat (¥350).

Please note that while some vendors will appear on both days, some of these eateries will only appear on one day. Please see the maps below for details.

Also, Kyushu-based artists will be displaying and selling their works at Kyushu Artisan Fair Vol. 3. Those who prefer to take art into their own hands can attend one of the craft workshops (see the official website for details).



gokoku map 2

• 1/23 (Sat.) ~ 1/24 (Sun.)
• 9:00~16:00
• Gokoku Shrine
• 1-1-1 Ropponmatsu, Chuo-ku
• 090-6633-0559
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Published: Jan 8, 2016 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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