58th Omuta Daijayama Festival

START: Jul 27, 2019 END: Jul 28, 2019

Daija means “large snake” and at this festival, floats in the image of snakes (10-meter long, 5-meter tall and weighing 3 tons) will be paraded around town. Placing a child inside the mouth of a Daija supposedly grants sound health for one year. It’s better if the child cries! Don’t miss the group dance of 10,000 people on Jul. 27 (5:50 p.m.), and watch out for the finale when the 13 Daija floats come together in a marvelous parade.

Photo: Omuta City

• 7/27 (Sat.), 7/28 (Sun.)
• 7/27: 17:00~21:45, 7/28: 16:10~21:30
• Taisho-machi Festival Hiroba
Taishomachi-dori, Omuta City, Fukuoka

Published: Jul 11, 2019 / Last Updated: Jul 16, 2019

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