Art x Coffee Fukuoka Walk 2023

START: Sep 16, 2023 END: Sep 24, 2023

This autumn, Fukuoka’s eclectic coffee shops are about to become even more appealing. Known for their meticulous attention to everything coffee—from the beans and roasting methods to even the cups and interior design—these unique establishments are already a magnet for a diverse and creative crowd. Now, they’re elevating the experience by hosting a special art exhibit in nine different venues across the city. Visitors can sip on their favorite brews while enjoying the artwork of Fukuoka’s leading artists. The exhibition will feature works from the late Gyoji Nomiyama, a master of abstract painting who recently passed away at the age of 102, as well as the globally renowned sculptor Tomonori Toyofuku, who hails from Fukuoka. Additionally, the exhibit includes pieces from Takami Sakurai, who led the avant-garde artist group Kyushu-ha in Fukuoka during the 1960s.

Participating Cafes
• Coffee Bimi (Akasaka) @bimi_coffee
• Saredo Coffee (Ropponmatsu) @saredocoffee
• Coffeeman Roasting & Planning & Café (Ropponmatsu)
• Écru “Fresh Coffee & Natural Wine” (Ohori) @ecru_fukuoka
• A Little Coffee (Torikai) @a_little_coffee_fukuoka
• Filles et Garçons (Otemon) @fillesetgarcons_cafe
• Niyol Coffee (Sohara) @niyolcoffee
• Coffee & Cake Stand Lulu (Yakuin) @cacs_lulu
• Coffee County Fukuoka (Takasago) @coffeecounty

Art × Coffee Fukuoka Walk 2023, ART×COFFEE~アート×コーヒー福岡散歩2023

• 9/16 (Sat.) ~ 9/24 (Sun.)
• Cafes in Fukuoka City

Art × Coffee Fukuoka Walk 2023, ART×COFFEE~アート×コーヒー福岡散歩2023View the PDF

Art × Coffee Fukuoka Walk 2023, ART×COFFEE~アート×コーヒー福岡散歩2023

Published: Sep 19, 2023 / Last Updated: Sep 19, 2023

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