Fukuoka Zoo Vine Contest

START: Feb 18, 2016 END: Mar 21, 2016

Fukuoka Zoo is hosting a Vine video contest! The event is called “Seishun MemorieZOO”, and is aimed at younger generations (seishun means “youth”) since there are expected to be three times as many high school students visiting the school during spring break. Model and popular Vine video-maker Morisuke (Yusuke Mori) has been named “cheerleading zookeeper” for the event and his business card (with a coupon for ice cream attached) will be given out each day until all 5,000 are gone, but he will visit the zoo in person on Mar. 21 (Mon., Hol.). On Mar. 1, a photo booth area was set up in front of the main entrance, and because the school year also ends in March it will include a huge graduation certificate. To enter the contest, post a video or photo of your time at the zoo and tag #福岡市動物園メモリーズー First prize is an ohanami with monkeys and a goodie bag!

Check out Morisuke’s Vine video made specially for the contest…

• 2/18 (Thu.) ~ 3/21 (Mon., Hol.) (photo booth available until 3/31)
• 9:00~17:00
• Zoo entry: Adults ¥400, HS ¥200, MS and under go free
• Fukuoka City Zoo
• 1-1 Minami-koen, Chuo-ku
• 092-531-1968

Published: Mar 2, 2016 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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