Hakata Senbero & Senmero

START: Mar 27, 2023 END: Apr 9, 2023

To commemorate the opening of the new subway station Kushida-jinja-mae, a limited-time promotion will be held jointly by three facilities: Hakata Riverain Mall, Kawabata Shopping Arcade, and Canal City Hakata. The “Senbero” (discount set for alcohol) allows you to enjoy drinking and socializing for only ¥1,000, which includes one drink and two food items. The “Senmero” (discount set for non-alcohol) for ¥1,000 includes one sweet and one drink to make you feel happy and dreamy. These special menus will be available at 22 participating restaurants.

Hakata Senbero & Senmero, 博多せんべろ&せんメロ

• 3/27 (Mon.) ~ 4/9 (Sun.)
• Open: varies for each restaurants (list of participating restaurants)
• Set menu: each ¥1,000
Canal City Hakata (5), Kawabata Shopping Arcade (10), Hakata Riverain Mall (7)

Published: Mar 24, 2023 / Last Updated: Mar 24, 2023

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