Hatsukoshin Festival

START: Feb 26, 2024 END: Feb 26, 2024

On the auspicious first “Kanoe-saru” day of the year, known as Hatsu Koshin, a festival steeped in deep cultural significance unfolds. It’s a day when crowds gather at the shrine, seeking the unique, handmade monkey masks, meticulously crafted by the renowned Hakata doll artisans. These masks are more than mere ornaments; they embody a linguistic play: ‘saru’ (猿), meaning monkey, echoes ‘saru’ (去る), meaning ‘to depart.’ Thus, in a symbolic gesture of bidding farewell to misfortunes, these masks are traditionally hung at doorways, inviting luck and warding off the unwanted. February 26th, 2024, marks this enchanting festival at a quaint shrine that, despite its size, becomes a magnet for a multitude of worshippers, all converging to partake in this time-honored ritual of hope and renewal.

Hatsukoshin Festival, 初庚申(はつこうしん)猿田彦神社

• 2/26 (Mon.)
• 7:00~18:00
• Free entry (monkey mask: ¥1,000)
• Sarutahiko Shrine
1-1-41 Fujisaki, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka

Kyushu Live – Fukuoka’s Monkey Mask Festival – Virtual Tour Japan (January 7, 2022)


Published: Dec 1, 2023 / Last Updated: Dec 1, 2023

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