Hina Meguri in the Ancient Capital Akizuki

START: Feb 10, 2024 END: Mar 3, 2024

Akizuki, a town rich in atmosphere and history, once thrived as a castle town. Here, amidst the remnants of Akizuki Castle, alongside culturally designated gates and homes, the town’s historical essence is palpable. With the arrival of the Hina Matsuri season, the town transforms, inviting visitors to partake in a “Hina Meguri” (Doll Tour), wandering through its streets adorned with festive displays. A standout feature of this celebration is the unique Hina decoration at the Akizuki Castle ruins. The 21 stone steps leading up to the long house gate are ingeniously repurposed as a tiered display, presenting over 600 Hina dolls donated by the community. This display is not only a testament to the town’s rich cultural heritage but also a visually stunning experience.

Hina Meguri in the Ancient Capital Akizuki, 古都秋月 雛めぐり

• 2/10 (Sat.) ~ 3/3 (Sun.)
*A display on the stone steps will be exhibited only on Sat., Sun., and hol. 10:00~16:00 (in case of rain, the exhibition will be cancelled)
• Free (some facilities require a fee)
Nagayamon Gate of Akizuki Castle Ruins, the castle town of Akizuki (Akizuki, Asakura City / Akizukinotori) and more

Hina Meguri in the Ancient Capital Akizuki, 古都秋月 雛めぐり

Published: Feb 8, 2024 / Last Updated: Feb 8, 2024

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