Karatsu Yakimon Ceramic Festival

START: Apr 29, 2024 END: May 5, 2024

The Karatsu Yakimon Ceramic Festival takes place in the central district of Karatsu, a town that flourished as a castle town. The festival is a collaborative effort involving both kilns and the shopping district, with a variety of events themed around Karatsu ware happening throughout the area. Exhibitions and sales by ceramic artists are held in galleries and vacant stores scattered throughout the town, and a thematic exhibition is hosted at the former Karatsu Bank. Additionally, various eateries across the city offer special menus served in Karatsu ware. The festival can be enjoyed by strolling through the town after alighting at the “Karatsu” station, which is directly connected to the Fukuoka City Subway via the JR Chikuhi Line.

Karatsu Yakimon Ceramic Festival, 唐津やきもん祭り

• 4/29 (Mon., hol.) ~ 5/5 (Sun., hol.)
• Hours vary depending on the event.
Karatsu City center area, Saga

Published: Apr 11, 2024 / Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

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