KUIC 2019 Collaboration Event “Connecting Foreign Language Education with Chikugo Area Needs”

START: Sep 29, 2019 END: Sep 29, 2019

Kurume University Industry Collaboration (KUIC) Working Group invites you – the business people, the local leaders, the educators, the visionaries – to come and bring this business and academic collaboration event to life. So, what is the buzz? Thanks to the Internet, the growth of tourism and several international events (Rugby World Cup, G20, Olympics, etc.), Kyushu companies are expanding their business, and reaching out to inbound tourists and overseas customers. But are local universities meeting their actual language and intercultural skill needs? ‘Language’ is a real issue. Businesses are finding it difficult to hire bilingual employees and foreign worker staffing has its challenges too. The question is: How can we move it forward? How should foreign language education change to meet regional needs? We love ideas born from bringing people together. So let’s get creative.

Sharing Information – ‘Talk Show’
Our host is Andy Nonaka. Hirokazu Yamaoka (Japan External Trade Organization) and Shigenobu Kuga (Chikugo Economic Research Institute) will talk about foreign student recruitment as well as the incoming movement of skilled foreign workers, foreign investment, and foreign companies into the Chikugo Region. Other key leaders in industry will identify what the actual foreign language and intercultural communication skill needs are in relation to inbound tourism, global trade, and global collaboration.
• Joelle Bloise – IT & IP Strategy Advisory Group / IKKYU GK
• Chie Hoashi – Yamatogoro / InOut Tourism Institute
• Mizuho Mizutani – Mizu Trans Corporation
• Misa Nakamura – Fruitelier

Getting Creative – ‘Group Collaboration’
Part 2 (Group Collaboration Work): This is a unique opportunity for people like you to have ‘a say’ in how to bridge the gap between foreign language learning and regional business needs.

Target audience
• Kyushu companies planning to develop or expand sales channels overseas
• Those involved in the recruitment and management of bilingual Japanese students and international students
• Those involved in foreign language education
• Those interested in regional development and so on…

Kurume University Industry Collaboration 2019 Working Group

Kurume City Government, Kurume City Board of Education, Kurume University

• 9/29 (Sun.)
• Talk show (part 1): 12:30~13:50, group collaboration (part 2): 14:10~16:00 (*It is possible to enter and leave the room from part 1, part 2, or midway. Lectures mostly in Japanese)
• Free (approx. 240 persons)
• 5F Kurume City Plaza
8-1 Mutsumon-machi, Kurume City, Fukuoka
• For reservations:
• For inquiry: (Charlotte Murakami)

Published: Aug 6, 2019 / Last Updated: Aug 14, 2019