Kyushu Craft Beer Week 2024

START: Apr 29, 2024 END: May 5, 2024

Craft Beer Extravaganza: Join us as 38 breweries from Kyushu and Yamaguchi unite to showcase 88 unique craft beers. Each beer is affordably priced at ¥700 per glass. At the heart of the event, seven prominent craft beer makers will anchor the Select Guest Beer Booth, which will feature a rotating selection of diverse, award-winning beers from global beer competitions, available at different times throughout the event.

Kyushu Craft Beer Week 2024, 九州クラフトビールウイーク2024

• 4/29 (Mon., hol.) ~ 5/5 (Sun., hol.)
• 11:00~21:00
• Free entry
• Tenjin Central Park
6 Nishinakasu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

Craft Beer Brands
• Mojiko Beer (Fukuoka Prefecture) @mojikoretrobeer
• Suginoya Brewery (Fukuoka Prefecture) @suginoya_1870
• Yame Brewery (Fukuoka Prefecture) @yamebrewery
• Karashima Koku no Kura (Oita Prefecture) @karashimakokunokura
• Miyazaki Hideji Beer (Miyazaki Prefecture) @miyazaki_hidejibeer
• B.M.B Brewery (Miyazaki Prefecture) @b.m.bbrewery
• Cyonmage Beer (Yamaguchi Prefecture)
And more

Kyushu Craft Beer Week 2024, 九州クラフトビールウイーク2024

Kyushu Craft Beer Week 2024, 九州クラフトビールウイーク2024

Published: Apr 26, 2024 / Last Updated: Apr 26, 2024

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