Kyushu Spring Sake Festival 2024

START: Mar 20, 2024 END: Mar 24, 2024

Where people congregate, there flows sake and abound smiles. A grand gathering of 38 breweries—21 from Kyushu and 17 from across Japan—will converge in front of Hakata Station. This is an invitation to embrace the spring in Hakata, savoring an array of exceptional sakes, including unique offerings exclusive to this event, presented by esteemed breweries.

Kyushu Sakagura Biraki 2023

The event offers a unique sake-tasting experience: patrons can purchase a cup for ¥100 (or opt for a limited-edition original sake cup for ¥700) at any brewery booth and then select their preferred sake to be poured into their cup, paying per pour. Wine and beer enthusiasts can also enjoy their choices, available for purchase in the distinctive styles of individual booths (without cup reuse). Transactions can be handled with either cash or PayPay. Culinary delights will feature, with offerings from Fukuoka’s beloved eateries, including a special guest appearance by “Nagahama no Hiroshi” from the Nagahama food stalls, who will be serving their signature motsunabe, along with Kubocurry, skewered delicacies from Shirasukujira, Hakata-tetsunabe gyoza, and Pizzeria da Gaetano.

Kyushu Sakagura Biraki 2024, 九州酒蔵びらき2024

Featuring Sake Breweries: 21 from Kyushu, 17 Nationwide


Hana no Tsuyu
Brewery: Hana no Tsuyu
Area: Jojima, Fukuoka
Participating: 3/20, 3/21

Niwa no Uguisu
Brewery: Yamaguchi Shuzojo
Area: Kitano, Fukuoka
Participating: 3/20~3/22

Brewery: Morinokura
Area: Mizuma, Fukuoka
Participating: 3/20, 3/21

Brewery: Shiraito Shuzo
Area: Itoshima, Fukuoka
Participating: 3/22~3/24

Brewery: Shichiyo Syuzo
Area: Okagaki, Fukuoka
Participating: 3/22~3/24

Brewery: Librom
Area: Takasago, Fukuoka
Participating: 3/22~3/24

Mii no Kotobuki
Brewery: Mii no Kotobuki
Area: Tachiarai, Fukuoka
Participating: 3/22~3/24

Brewery: Wakanami Shuzo
Area: Okawa, Fukuoka
Participating: 3/23, 3/24


Brewery: Fukuchiyo Shuzo
Area: Kashima, Saga
Participating: 3/20, 3/21

Brewery: Azumatsuru Shuzo
Area: Taku, Saga
Participating: 3/20, 3/21

Koimari Saki
Brewery: Koimari Shuzo
Area: Imari, Saga
Participating: 3/21, 3/22

Brewery: Gochoda Shuzo
Area: Ureshino, Saga
Participating: 3/20~3/22

Brewery: Komatsu Shuzo
Area: Karatsu, Saga
Participating: 3/22

Brewery: Amabuki Shuzo
Area: Miyaki, Saga
Participating: 3/23, 3/24

Brewery: Tenzan Shuzo
Area: Ogi, Saga
Participating: 3/23, 3/24


Brewery: Imazato Shuzo
Area: Hasami, Nagasaki
Participating: 3/20, 3/21

Brewery: Fukuda Shuzo
Area: Hirado, Nagasaki
Participating: 3/20


Brewery: Hananoka Shuzo
Area: Tamana, Kumamoto
Participating: 3/22~3/24


Brewery: Hamashima Shuzo
Area: Bungo-ono, Oita
Participating: 3/20, 3/21


Tsuno Wine
Brewery: Tsuno Wine
Area: Tsuno, Miyazaki
Participating: 3/20~3/22

Kyushu Craft
Brewery: Miyazaki Hideji Beer
Area: Nobeoka, Miyazaki
Participating: 3/22~3/24


Dassai (Asahi Shuzo), Matsu no Tsukasa (Matsuse Shuzo), Sohomare (Sohomare Shuzo), Mimurosugi (Imanishi Shuzo), Abe (Abe Shuzo), Puku Puku Brewing (Pukupuku Brewing), Izumofuji (Fuji Shuzo), Shichiho no Yari (Tomita Shuzo), Heiwa Craft (Heiwa), Kikuhime (Kikuhime), Haccoba (Haccoba), Ine to Agave (Ine to Agave), Nichinichi (Nichinichi Jozo), Hoobiden (Kobayashi Shuzo), Yoshidagura “u” (Yoshida Shuzoten), Arugabranca (Katsunuma Jozo), Kaze no Mori (Yucho Shuzo)

The sake breweries, curated and overseen by the professional’s favorite, Sumiyoshi-shuhan sake specialty store, offer selections you can enjoy on-site or purchase at the Sumiyoshi-shuhan booth to take home.

Kyushu Sakagura Biraki 2024, 九州酒蔵びらき2024
Kyushu Sakagura Biraki 2024, 九州酒蔵びらき2024

Participating Restaurants

Kubocurry @kubocurry
Pizzeria da Gaetano @gaetano_jrjphakata
Kushiage-kakuuchi Shirasukujira @isogaishirasukuzira
Tonkatsu Hamakatsu @hamakatsu_official
Hakata-tetsunabe Mugen-gyoza @mugen.gyoza
Momoyaki Bancho @momoyaki.bancho
Nagahama no Hiroshi @nagahama.hiro
Komehitotsubu no Chikara @komehitotsubunochikara

Kyushu Spring Sake Festival 2024
• 3/20 (Wed., hol.) ~ 3/24 (Sun.)
• 15:00~22:00 (last day ~21:00)
• Free entry
Sake brewery list (official English pamphlet)
• JR Hakata Station Spuare
1-1 Hakataeki-chuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

From March 20th to 23rd, Hakata’s festive spirit is captured with the “Hakata Street Bar” event, transforming the sidewalks in front of Hakata Station into a vibrant celebration of spring.

Kyushu Sakagura Biraki 2023

Published: Mar 12, 2024 / Last Updated: Mar 13, 2024

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