Mateo Stoneman in Fukuoka

START: Jan 20, 2013 END: Jan 20, 2013

Despite being a ‘white guy’ from New Hampshire, Mateo Stoneman has surprised and impressed audiences in Hispanic East LA and Cuba with his authentic and fluent Spanish songs. Mateo (born Matthew Stoneman) moved to LA from his hometown of New Hampshire, chasing the American Dream. He wound up in trouble, however, arrested in LA accused of theft. While in jail he discovered and fell in love with Latin music, and after his release from prison he began performing the old bolero songs (romantic Latin tunes) on the streets of LA. Due to his interesting backstory and clear talent for the genre, Mateo was discovered and profiled by local newspapers and a documentary program in LA – making him well known in the city. Mateo’s Japan tour coincides with the launch of his new album titled “My Beautiful Havana”, recorded in Cuba. Mateo Stoneman brings his talent to Fukuoka on Jan. 20 – don’t miss the chance to enjoy this, his first acoustic solo tour. Tickets are on sale now (¥3,500). More info below.

• 1/20 (Sun.) Open: 18:00 Start: 19:00
• Modern Times DS Bldg.
• ¥3,500
• 092-712-6653 (18:00 ~ 03:00)
• 2F 1-15-4 Imaizumi, Chuo-ku

Published: Jan 7, 2013 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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