Nagasaki Kunchi

START: Oct 7, 2019 END: Oct 9, 2019

A three-day festival which dates back to the Edo period, held to give thanks to Nagasaki’s deity at Suwa Shrine for the autumn harvest. Dedication dances are held throughout the city, one of which is the “Niwasaki-mawari”, a designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property and a must-see!

• 10/7 (Mon.) ~ 10/9 (Wed.)
• Times vary
• Free
• Suwa Shrine and 3 other venues
18-15 Kaminishiyama-machi, Nagasaki City
095-822-0111 (Core Communicate in Nagasaki)

Published: Sep 19, 2019 / Last Updated: Sep 19, 2019

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