Nakasu Jazz 2022 ~as usual~

START: Sep 17, 2022 END: Sep 18, 2022

Western Japan’s largest entertainment district, Nakasu, is the venue for this annual urban music festival. After online-only performances in 2020, the event will be held on an actual stage for the first time in three years. The event will feature a variety of live performances by more than 25 groups, including the Hakata Jazz Orchestra, a big band of working people formed by friends who want to play jazz, the Chikushi Shuraku x BimBonBan Band of Japanese drummers, and other musicians active mainly in Fukuoka, as well as international artists such as Karen Aoki & Jun Tomoda DUO, Shinji Takeda, ERIKA MATSUO feat. Ryo Ogihara & kan etc. Over 25 groups of internationally active artists will perform a variety of live performances over the two days.

Nakasu Jazz 2022 ~as usual~

• 9/17 (Sat.), 9/18 (Sun.)
• Free entry
Nakasu area (8 stages per day, total of 16 stages planned)

Nakasu Jazz 2022 ~as usual~

Published: Aug 19, 2022 / Last Updated: Aug 19, 2022

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