Nyoirinji Temple Fire Festival

START: Jan 17, 2021 END: Jan 17, 2021

Located in Ogori, Fukuoka, Nyoirinji Temple, which is famous for its huge collection of frog statues, holds a ritual every New Year to pray for good health and wellbeing. The ritual involves burning piles of leaves and branches of Hinoki cypress while chanting prayers to the beat of taiko drums and blowing of horns. The Buddhist priests throw gomagi (wooden sticks) into the burning pile and walk barefoot over the ashes. This act symbolizes health and happiness for the whole year. Spectators, from young children to the elderly, may also walk barefoot over the ashes.

Photo by Ogori City Tourist Association

• 1/17 (Sun.)
• Buddhist service 10:00, fire-walking 13:00
• Free
• Nyoirinji Temple
1729 Yokoguma, Ogori City, Fukuoka

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Photo by Ogori City Tourist Association

Published: Dec 25, 2020 / Last Updated: Jan 13, 2021