START: Apr 30, 2022 END: Apr 30, 2022

Argentine band REYNOLS and deterra present the 2022 REYNOLS JAPAN TOUR in absentia. Due to the international pandemic, REYNOLS will tour Japan by way of a series of pop-up exhibitions and screenings. On display will be various REYNOLS related images, artworks, interviews and films that cover the bands existence/non-existence from their inception in 1993 until the present. This exhibition aims to celebrate the art and music of Reynols for fans in Japan and to also provide an introduction to REYNOLS for those unaware of the band’s (non) existence. There will also be a documentary screening at the Fukuoka exhibition. The national REYNOLS Japan 2022 Exhibition Tour has been curated by Shayne Bowden of deterra.

REYNOLS started in 1993 in Buenos Aires. The band formed by Roberto Conlazo, Alan Courtis is led by down’s syndrome drummer/singer Miguel Tomasín. The project is worldwide known its musical diversity, which spans everything from cosmic free rock and lo-fi drone electronic music, to conceptual sound art and social / political / esoteric observations. It’s one of the Argentina’s most prolific groups with more than 150 releases by labels from Japan, Europe, Oceania, Latin America and the USA. New York’s newspaper Star Revue recently published an article titled: “Reynols is the Most Important Band in the History of Rock”.

In 2022, Tomasín was awarded for his career with the Reynols group with the Henry Viscardi Achievement Award, an international award for inclusion given annually in the United States to “exemplary personalities who have had a profound impact in changing the lives of people with disabilities and defending their rights”. Tomasín received the award named in honor of Henry Viscardi, disability advisor to eight US presidents, from Franklin Roosevelt to Jimmy Carter.


• 4/30 (Sat.) (corrected)
• 13:00 ~
• Free entry until 18:00
3-7-19 2F Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

Acid Mothers Reynols documentary screening and talk event
• 4/30 (Sat.) (corrected)
• 18:00
• ¥2,000

Published: Apr 8, 2022 / Last Updated: Apr 10, 2022

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