Seminar on Japanese Alcohol in Europe

START: Jan 19, 2019 END: Jan 19, 2019

A number of local government offices are joining forces with top sommeliers to promote Japanese alcohol and raise awareness about business opportunities in Europe. Alcoholic beverages brewed in Kyushu have received high praise overseas in recent years. Industry experts will talk at the upcoming event about how Kyushu-based companies can capitalize on this new-found attention and infiltrate the European market. The seminar promises to be a unique opportunity for local businesses and breweries looking to develop their brands outside of Japan.

“Breaking into the EU Market: Seminar in Kyushu” – Top Parisian Sommeliers Discussing the Charm and Potential of Kyushu-Brewed Alcohol
• 1/19 (Sat.)
• 17:00~19:00
• Free (limited to 100 persons, reservation required)
• 2F Takakura Hotel Fukuoka
2-7-21 Watanabe-dori, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
092-482-5423 (Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)
• Reservation: Fill in this form (申込書) and fax it to 092-482-5321 (weekdays 9:00~18:00)

Published: Jan 7, 2019 / Last Updated: Jan 7, 2019