Shoko Kanazawa Calligraphy Exhibition

START: May 14, 2016 END: May 19, 2016

Shoko Kanazawa, the calligraphy artist with Down syndrome, is coming to Fukuoka. She has become famous worldwide after hosting personal exhibitions overseas and making a speech at the United Nations in March 2015.

Famous worldwide after hosting exhibitions overseas and making a speech at the United Nations in March 2015, Shoko Kanazawa, the calligraphy artist with Down syndrome, is coming to Fukuoka.


Kanazawa began studying calligraphy under her mother (a calligraphy artist) at the age of five. She’s hosted many solo exhibitions over the past ten years, including ones at Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, Itsukushima Jinja Shrine (Hiroshima), and Kenninji Temple (oldest Zen temple in Kyoto). As a student in 2001, she was recognized with an award of the highest rank in her age group, and later went on to receive many other awards. In 2012, she was commissioned to design the title calligraphy of Taira no Kiyomori, an NHK drama.



Since the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, Kanazawa has focused on the theme “Live Together”; through her work, she aims to give hope and courage to those affected by the great natural disaster.


This exhibit at Jotenji Temple will feature a replica of “Fujin Raijin-zu”, a byobu (folding screen) which is the masterpiece of Tawaraya Sotatsu, displayed alongside Shoko Kanazawa’s work “Fujin Raijin”; this is the first time these works will be exhibited together in Kyushu. There will also be 13 byobu, approximately 30 framed works and eight scrolls.



On the opening day, May 14 (Sat.), Shoko Kanazawa will sign autographs (open to those with tickets to the exhibit). But on May 15 (Sun.), there will be a very special event. It kicks off with the “Oyako de Kimono Walk Show”: you can join Kanazawa and her mother/teacher, Yasuko Kanazawa, on a special kimono walk; dress up in kimono and walk from the Hakata Sennen no Mon (gate) to Jotenji Temple, passing buildings of historical and cultural importance and along a maple and pine tree-lined path (kimono required). At Jotenji Temple, you can then watch Shoko Kanazawa perform sekijo kigo (live calligraphy). Both Kanazawa and her mother will then speak to the audience from 11:30. And from 14:00, the artist will sign autographs (this will also be open to those with regular exhibit tickets). Reservations required (costs ¥1,000; admission to the exhibit is also included), please e-mail

☆Special Offer☆
For ¥5,000 you can rent a kimono, join the kimono walk, see the sekijo kigo, attend the talk given by the artist and her mother and join the autograph session, plus admission to the exhibit itself is included. This offer is only available to the first five people to email

May 14 (Sat.)

15:00~: Shoko Kanazawa autograph session

May 15 (Sun.)
10:30~: Oyako de Kimono Walk Show at Jotenji-dori
11:00~: Dedicatory sekijo kigo
11:30~: Talks by Yasuko (mother) and Shoko Kanazawa
14:00~: Shoko Kanazawa autograph session
*autograph session is open to those with exhibit-only tickets.

• 5/14 (Sat.) ~ 5/19 (Thu.)
• 10:00~17:00
• General admission (exhibit only): Adv. ¥600, Door ¥800; special event on May 15: ¥1,000 (reservation required)
• Banshozan Jotenji Temple
• Jotenji-dori and Hakata Sennen no Mon, 1-29-9 Hakataekimae, Hakata-ku

Published: Apr 22, 2016 / Last Updated: May 24, 2016