Studio Kura Resident Artist Exhibitions – Justin Lee “Toys R Lust 0.2”

START: Jul 16, 2022 END: Jul 18, 2022

Well-known Itoshima artist-run gallery, studio and residency program Studio Kura will host an exhibition featuring the work of international artists. The artist is from Singapore.

Justin Lee
Exhibition style: Installation

Studio Kura Resident Artist Exhibitions - Justin Lee “Toys R Lust 0.2”

Justin Lee is a Singaporean visual artist and awarded Mont Blanc Young Artist World.

Patronage Project 2006, Hamburg, German. He has participated in numerous artist-in-residence programs in Japan (Fukuoka, Studio Kura-2012/14, Itoshima Art Farm-2014, and Tokyo Youkobo-2013). After his graduation with a Diploma in Visual Arts(Fine Arts), he was one of the selected local artists trained at the Tyler Print Institute in New York. Over the years, he has participated in numerous exhibitions held in Singapore and internationally (2000-2002) Justin series of works bring a different understanding of today’s Singapore society and lifestyle with a blend of east and west cultures.

Justin also seeks to record everyday lifestyle into visual art based on his cultural and questioning appearances in its surroundings. He believes that art play an important part in helping people to grow and to see the important role play and awareness of themselves. Justin Lee’s current work reflects upon the act of mundane social behavior that can be seen as similar to an exchange of objects, with the expectation that when you give, you will receive the same. Lee believed that social behavior plays a large role in the development of a child’s social behavior, as parents or caregivers are typically those who decide the settings and situations that the child is exposed to.

Lee’s installation questioning social behavior setting on how one can commit to their social structure or can be determined by different situations and moments “Time perspective is one of the most powerful influences on all of human behavior. We’re trying to show how people become biased to being exclusively past-, present- or future-oriented.“”Human behavior is incredibly pliable, plastic.”― Philip Zimbardo

* We will hold a workshop on the 18th (Mon.) starting 12:30~14:00 (must apply by phone at least one day in advance)

Studio Kura Resident Artist Exhibitions - Justin Lee “Toys R Lust 0.2”

• 7/16 (Sat.) ~ 7/18 (Mon.,hol.)
• 11:30~20:00 (7/18 ~15:00)
• Artist talk: 7/17 (Sun.) 14:30~
* To prevent the spread of coronavirus, we ask visitors to use our hand sanitizer and their own facemask if possible to enter, thank you.
• Studio Kura Gallery
586 Nijo-masue, Itoshima City, Fukuoka

Studio Kura Resident Artist Exhibitions - Justin Lee “Toys R Lust 0.2”

Published: Jul 15, 2022 / Last Updated: Jul 15, 2022

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