Sunflower Picking at Nokonoshima Island Park

START: Jul 15, 2014 END: Aug 15, 2014

Summer sunflowers are in bloom and Nokonoshima invites you to come sunflower-picking!


1st edition (~mid-July) Shikanoshima-side Sunflower Field (10,000 sunflowers)
This year for the first time, sunflowers were planted in the large flower garden overlooking Shikanoshima. The upper fields of this garden are full of tagetes, and the lower level is where you’ll find the sunflowers. Until mid-July, visitors are welcome to pick both the tagetes and sunflowers to take home.

2nd edition (mid-July~mid-August) Genkaishima-side Sunflower Field (30,000 sunflowers)
Around 30,000 sunflowers bloom here! The field is divided into two – one section with sunflowers to enjoy and look at, one with sunflowers you are free to cut and take home! A sunny day is a great opportunity for summer photography.

• Mid-July~ Mid-August
• 9:00~17:30 (flower picking within these times)
• Nokonoshima Island Park
• Sunflower picking free. Park Entry Required: Adult ¥1,000, 6~15 years ¥500, 3~6 years ¥300
• 092-882-2494
• Nokonoshima, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka
❄Don’t forget to bring your own plastic bag and gloves!

Published: Jul 23, 2014 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017