Tenku no Sando Marche

START: Nov 27, 2021 END: Nov 28, 2021

The garden-style Tsubame no Mori Hiroba (Swallow Forest Plaza) located on the rooftop of JR Hakata City will host a market this November. The laid-back atmosphere promises to be the perfect setting for both parents and children to take it easy. The venue is connected to Hakata Station, which means you can stop by if you travel through the area. Approximately 20 booths will be set up by Fukuoka and Kyushu-based individuals engaged in creative pursuits. The stands will be selling a range of items, such as crafts, art, baked goods, jams, and handmade trinkets.

• 11/27 (Sat.), 11/28 (Sun.)
• 11:00~17:00
• Free entry
• Tsubame no Mori Hiroba (JR Hakata City rooftop)
1-1 Chuo-gai, Hakata-eki, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

Published: Oct 29, 2021 / Last Updated: Oct 29, 2021