The World of Traditional Japanese Art and Crafts Exhibition

START: Nov 21, 2019 END: Dec 1, 2019

Numerous Japanese crafts have been passed down throughout the generations, with some dating back as far as ancient times. Many have gained recognition throughout the world for their historical significance and artistic value. This extensive exhibition has been put together by the Organization for the Preservation of Important Intangible Cultural Assets; a collective made up of 16 smaller groups and 24 municipalities. The exhibition and demonstrations that are scheduled to take place will provide visitors with a unique opportunity to witness the level of skill required to master these traditional crafts.

The World of Traditional Japanese Art and Crafts
• 11/21 (Thu.) ~ 12/1 (Sun.)
• Closed: 11/25 (Mon.)
• 10:00~17:00
• Kurume City Art Museum
1015 Nonaka-machi, Kurume City, Fukuoka

Published: Nov 20, 2019 / Last Updated: Nov 20, 2019