Tour de Kyushu 2023

START: Oct 6, 2023 END: Oct 9, 2023

The inaugural Mynavi Tour de Kyushu 2023, sanctioned by the International Cycling Union (UCI), is set to span various parts of Kyushu. The first stage will kick off in Kitakyushu and conclude in Omuta, followed by the second stage in Aso, and the final stage in the Hita area. Over three days, cyclists will compete to cover a total distance of over 400 km.

Eighteen teams, including invited teams from overseas, are scheduled to participate in this race, making it one of the largest in Japan. Although each cyclist starts simultaneously in this individual competition, it’s also a team event where the strategy is to propel the strongest rider within the team to victory. The event offers an intriguing mix of individual prowess and team tactics, providing a compelling spectacle for fans who come to watch along the route.

A special event is slated for October 6th: a criterium race around Kokura Castle. This will feature 25 laps of a 1.7 km course, giving spectators multiple opportunities to see cyclists deploying high-speed skills. Don’t miss this chance to witness world-class cycling action up close.

Tour de Kyushu 2023, ツール・ド・九州 2023


• 10/6 (Fri.) ~ 10/9 (Mon., hol.)
• 10/6 (Fri.) 13:30~: Kokura Castle Approx. 45km
• 10/7 (Sat.) 8:00~: Fukuoka (Kitakyushu ~ Omuta) Approx. 144km
• 10/8 (Sun.) 9:00~: Kumamoto (Minamioguni ~ Minamiaso) Approx. 107km
• 10/9 (Mon., hol.) 11:30~: Oita (Hita) Approx. 129km

Tour de Kyushu 2023, ツール・ド・九州 2023

Tour de Kyushu 2023, ツール・ド・九州 2023

Published: Sep 8, 2023 / Last Updated: Sep 8, 2023

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