Wakamatsu Hydrangea Festival

START: May 26, 2024 END: Jun 16, 2024

The Hydrangea Festival at Takatoyama Park, one of Fukuoka Prefecture’s premier hydrangea viewing spots with 74,500 plants, celebrates the peak bloom of hydrangeas. From late May to early June, the native “Mountain Hydrangeas” of Japan are showcased, with “Western Hydrangeas” taking center stage in mid-June. Throughout the festival, the observatory plaza hosts local gourmet food stalls, food trucks, and a flea market. On June 9th, a free shuttle bus connects Wakamatsu Station and Wakamatsu Ferry Terminal directly to the summit of Takatoyama.

Wakamatsu Hydrangea Festival, 若松あじさい祭り

• Sub-event: 5/26 (Sun.), 6/2 (Sun.) 10:00~15:00
• Main-event: 6/9 (Sun.), 6/16 (Sun.) 10:00~16:00
• Free entry
• Takatoyama park
Sutara, Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka

Wakamatsu Hydrangea Festival, 若松あじさい祭り

Published: May 8, 2024 / Last Updated: May 8, 2024

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