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Fashion Week Fukuoka 2013 Guide

Fukuoka City’s fashion industry is in the spotlight from March 2 ~ April 7.
During Fashion Week Fukuoka 2013, you can expect sales from all of your favourite shops in Tenjin and Hakata, along with a great lineup of fashion events and seminars. The concept behind the event is to attract stylish visitors from both Kyushu and abroad, creating a buzz around Fukuoka’s fashion. There are plenty of events, a stamp rally and bargains to delight in across March, and Fukuoka Now staff have selected a few of the highlights below.

Fashion Week Fukuoka 2013 (FWF)
• 3/2 (Sat) ~ 4/7 (Sun)


Fashion Week Fukuoka 2013 Opening Event: 3/1 (Fri.), 18:00~
FWF 13 kicks off on Friday 3/1 at Solaria Plaza. The launch event includes opening speeches, a fashion show and live performance by Japanese hip hop duo CREAM. Special guest appearance by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!

• 3/1 (Fri.), 18:00~
• 1F Zefa at Solaria Plaza

Clothes Recycle Project: 3/8 (Fri.)~ 11 (Mon.)
Tenjin Core will collect your unwanted clothes and give you ¥500! When you donate your clothes, you’ll receive a ¥500 coupon that you can use when making a purchase over ¥5,000 in Tenjin Core. There is a limit of 5 items per person, and all recycled items should be washed. The following items are not accepted: belts, underwear, nightwear, uniforms, scarves and stained items. A great chance to recycle and clear space in your wardrobe for shopping!

• 3/8 (Fri.)~ 11 (Mon.) 11:00~20:00
• 5F Tenjin Core

Piece of Peace Lego Exhibition: 3/13 (Wed.) ~ 4/1 (Mon.)
This Lego exhibition, titled “Piece of Peace”, uses the iconic construction toy to create replicas of 40 World Heritage locations from 27 countries! Models include Mont Saint Michel, the Statue of Liberty and Himeji Castle. The impressive models will be displayed at two venues in Tenjin across March. Don’t miss it!

• Adult: ¥400, ES: ¥200, Under ES: Free
• Venue 1: PARCO Factory (Fukuoka PARCO 8F) 10:00 ~ 20:30
• Venue 2: Mitsubishi-jisho Artium (IMS 8F) 10:00 ~ 20:00

“Snap Snap” mini fashion studio: 3/16 (Sat.) ~17 (Sun.)
A photo booth with professional photographer will be set up for two days at eeny meeny miny mo. Customers can have their photo taken for free. Later in the month, selected photos from the booth will be displayed at the venue in an exhibition.

• 3/16 (Sat.)~17 (Sun.)
• eeny meeny miny mo

5th Fukuoka Asia Collection 2013: 3/24 (Sun.), 13:00~
Returning for its fifth year, this event promotes Fukuoka’s fashion industry. Twenty-seven local apparel businesses and brands will showcase their best casual spring clothing. Popular Kyushu model Suzanne will appear. She said she hoped the event would be good PR for Fukuoka’s shops and the city. Other models include Moe Oshikiri, Yuri Ebihara, Yu Yamada and Ai Haruna.

• Fukuoka Kokusai Center
• ¥3,500~¥7,000 (avail. from outlets including convenience stores)
• 092-272-1111
• 2-2, Chikko Hon-machi, Hakata-ku

See the full list of FWF 13 events here:

Pick up some fashion tips from the pros at various seminars held during Fukuoka Fashion Week. Key speakers are noteworthy figures in the Japanese fashion world. Participation is free of charge. Here are two seminars we’ve selected, but you can see the full list here:

Mariko Suzuki w/ special guest Misako Aoki: 3/17 (Sun.) 14:00~15:00
Mariko Suzuki (originally from Chiba Pref.) is the go-to-girl for Japan’s Gothic and Lolita fashion subculture. Suzuki has been in the publishing business since 1998. She formerly edited fashion subculture magazines Kera, Kera Maniax, and in 2001 she launched spin-off magazine the “Gothic & Lolita Bible” (GLB). The GLB, which focuses on the Gothic and Lolita fashions, is now widely popular both in and outside of Japan. Suzuki will appear and give a lecture at Vivre Hall, joined by special guest Misako Aoki. Aoki, lolita model and nurse by trade, was appointed by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an official “Kawaii Ambassador” with the duty of spreading Japanese popular culture to the world.

• 3/17 (Sun.) 14:00 ~15:00
• Vivre Hall, 8F Vivre Tenjin
• Free (pre-registration required)

Rei Shito’s Street Fashion Tips: 3/30 (Sat.) 14:00~15:30
Rei Shito is undoubtedly Japan’s most popular street fashion photographer. Her website STYLE from TOKYO has gained worldwide attention. She takes pictures all over the world, but her photos are mainly of everyday Tokyo street fashion scenes, especially around Harajuku. Before she started her own blog, Shito worked at STREET/FRUiTS/TUNE, street fashion magazines in Japan, as a photographer and doing PR for several years. Don’t miss this street snap/fashion blogging lecture. Kyushu’s NO!! magazine will also be present on the day, taking snaps to be published in their next issue (released 4/20)

• 3/30 (Sat.) 14:00~15:30
• Riverain Hall, B1F Hakata Riverain, Hakata
• Free (pre-registration required)

***How to Apply: You can apply to attend the free seminars by email (, telephone (092-441-1119) or fax (092-441-1149). Remember to include the following details: Seminar of choice/ Your name / Your address / Phone Number / Fax number / Email address / Your company or school name. Application will close when capacity is reached.

See the full list of FWF 13 seminars here:

One of the main draw cards of Fashion Week Fukuoka is the great sales that Fukuoka’s biggest retail shops hold! Here are some of the bargains you can enjoy in Tenjin and Hakata during FWF in March…

3/2 (Sat.) Vioro: 5% off all purchases made using VIORO card

2-10-3 Tenjin, Chuo Ward,Fukuoka City
Tel.: 092-771-1001

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3/13~18 (Wed.) Iwataya: “Clover Bargain” sale features big discounts on size L women’s clothing.

2-5-35 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City
Tel.: 092-721-1111

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3/15 (Fri.) Vivre: For every purchase of ¥10,000 made, receive a gift voucher for ¥1,000 (only avail. to mail magazine readers)

Address: 1-11-1 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City
Tel.: 092-711-1021

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3/20~26 (Wed.) Iwataya: “Strawberry Bargain” sale features big discounts on size S women’s clothing.

2-5-35 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City
Tel.: 092-721-1111

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3/20 (Wed.) Daimaru x Parco: This collaboration between Parco and Daimaru celebrates their anniversaries. For every purchase of ¥10,000 (incl. tax) you receive one entry into the lottery.

1-4-1 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City
Tel.: 092-712-8181

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Address: 2-11-1 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City
Tel.: 092-235-7000

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3/20 (Wed.) Canal City: The “5 Days Dreaming of Spring” promotion offers discounts at stores in Canal City for five days! Plus, from 3/20 (Wed.)~23 (Sat), f-JOY card users receive 5x points. Platinum Gold members also receive 7x points until 3/24.

1-2 Sumiyoshi,Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City
Tel.: 092-282-2525

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3/22 (Fri.) Aeon Mall: Celebrating the first anniversary of Fukutsu Aeon Mall, you’ll find “Thank You” discounts from 3/22 (Fri.)~4/9 (Tue.).

1 Block 100, Fukuma Station East District, 793 Fukutsu City

3/30 Solaria Stage: Solaria Stage celebrates its 14th Anniversary in 2013! Their anniversary sale runs until 5/5!

2-11-3 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City
Tel.: 092-733-7111

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4/6 Vioro: 5% off all purchases made using VIORO card

2-10-3 Tenjin, Chuo Ward,
Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture,
810-0001, Japan
Tel.: 092-771-1001

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See the full list of FWF 13 bargains here:

Fashion Week Fukuoka 2013 (FWF)
• 3/2 (Sat) ~ 4/7 (Sun)

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