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Fukuoka is earning a reputation as a city for coffee-lovers, but if you want a coffee shop that cares, Adachi Coffee is for you. They have two policies: the first is that they use only coffee that gives back to the community they buy it from. The owner, Adachi-san, is part of a group that works with small farms in 14 different countries (such as Guatemala and Costa Rica). They visit the farms in person to offer assistance in all areas of the process, from technical matters to general advice. The group members make a point of paying a fair price giving the growers more stability. In return, the farms agree to loyally supply the group with high-quality coffee beans. Every coffee at Adachi is labelled with details of its origin, and there are also photos and information on the different farms Adachi-san himself has visited. Adachi wholesales to independent and discerning cafes around Fukuoka, so you may have already tasted his coffee – but we think it tastes better when you’ve visited the store and know the story behind the bean. The second policy is that everyone should be able to appreciate good coffee; this means creating a welcome environment where people of all ages and levels of coffee-expertise are comfortable. The extremely knowledgeable staff are on hand to offer advice and recommendations, and there is always a line up of ten different coffees (which change regularly) and tasting cups, so that visitors can sample the beans for themselves and make an informed decision. You can buy your beans whole or they’ll grind them for you to order. They also have a whole range of coffee-making equipment, from antique-style grinders to the latest designs in french presses. This Kego-based shop is the newest branch of Adachi Coffee – there are two others, each with its own reason to visit. The Okayama branch is the original shop, and used to be a green tea shop owned by Adachi’s family; now you can buy both green tea and coffee there. The shop in Kurume is their largest, and it is where all the beans are roasted – you can’t get coffee fresher than that! So visit Adachi Coffee for delicious coffee, reasonable prices, a welcoming atmosphere, and the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that each sip is doing some good in the world.

French press ¥360, americano ¥310, cappuccino ¥360, single espresso ¥260, double espresso ¥360, iced coffee ¥360, iced latte ¥360

Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn204, Dec. 2015)

Adachi Coffee
Address : 1-1-10 Kego, Chuo-ku [ MAP ]
Open : 10:00~20:00
Close : Irregular
Published: Nov 27, 2015 / Last Updated: Aug 13, 2019

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