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Cat’s Fukuoka

It is said that a cat always lands on its feet. So summon your inner feline and get ready to pounce. In a nutshell, this venue packs a younger, wilder crowd into a condensed space with cyberpunk aesthetics and throbbing bass music. Sound fun? Purrfect. This multi-leveled club begins on the 6th floor and trickles down to the 5th and 4th. The 6th floor is mainly reception however it does sport a dance floor, DJ booth and bar. The 5th floor is where the main action is at. Here you can find the resident DJ Qwerty spinning all mix (trap, bass, EDM) with a long-standing bar to one side of the dance floor and VIP seating on the other with low ceilings really adding to the frenetic atmosphere of the packed dance floor.

After 24:00, the 4th floor opens up, so wander down the stairs to find resident DJs playing exclusively hip hop every Friday and Saturday. It’s nice to have options and they deliver in this department. Cats also host guest DJs monthly so keep an eye on their Instagram (IG: cats_fukuoka). Take a quick look at the photos from past events to get an idea of how packed this place gets. There are plenty of VIP areas sprinkled about this establishment. On weekdays you can rent a table that seats seven for an hour for ¥15,000 which includes a bottle of Moet & Chandon or a Red Bull and Vodka set. Extend for an hour for another ¥15,000. On the weekend, the price of the service is ¥25,000. Tables seat 6 maximum, you will be charged for two tables if you exceed this amount. Sadly, they don’t have saucers of milk for you to slurp no matter how nicely you ask, hisssssss!

One more important thing, women drink free until midnight. Please enjoy responsibly.

Entrance fee: Men ¥1,000 (Mon. ~ Thu., one drink incl.) women free entry

*Prices to change from Oct. 1, 2019 following tax increase
*Foreign language menu: English / Smoking permitted

Address : 5F TM-20 Bldg., 3-7-13 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka [ MAP ]
Open : 21:00 ~ 5:00 (Sun. open 24 hrs)
Close : Never
Bar & Pub
Fukuoka City
Published: Aug 28, 2017 / Last Updated: Mar 12, 2020

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